Excited about becoming an lpn

  1. So I finally got my acceptance letter for my lpn program. So thrilled. I am surprised how many people want to discourage that I am doing lpn- rn instead of straight rn. To me this is so perfect. Instead of 4 years as a cna I will net about 2 years then about a year to 2 years as an lpn. I will get higher pay And more experience by the time jam finished with my rn.
    I am so excited! Being an lpn feels like a huge step up from cna. Four years of college is intimating but this will total two years with prerecs. And I will be one year away from an rn! ( I have been doing prerecs for both )
    I have confidence I made the right choice despite sooooo many opinions. Where I live there are plenty of lpn jobs. Nursing homes ( where I currently work as a cna) outpatient , labs, rehabs, even the hospital ( where you are titled nurse technician ) looking forward to this next stop on my nursing school journey.
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  3. by   futurenurseOB
    Congrats. I was a CNA for three and a half years. I start my new job as a LPN next week. No matter what anyone says. Being a LPN definitely brings a wonderful sense of accomplishment

    Finally a nurse...All for my three♡♡♡
  4. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Well first off congrats and do not listen to what anyone else has to say, you have to do what is best for you. Ive been in the healthcare field since high school, have all of my prereqs for an rn program, currently enrolled in an lpn program and graduate in less than 2 months and plan on doing my rn online.
    Well good luck with everything
  5. by   imaLvn2
    Congrats! It will be a stressful but exciting journey. I wish you all the best.
  6. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Never let anyone diminish your accomplishments! I started school last September and I will complete on August 16. I'll tell you this, some of the same people that discouraged me from going into school to become an LPN have told me that they are looking into nursing school now. Go figure! Congratulations and I wish you plenty of success!
  7. by   dotoriffic
    Congratulations!! This is also my plan. I start CNA school in August, then afterward I plan to go through the LPN program at the same school. My friends and some family members have had ideas of what I should do but I am staying true to my plan. I also have two nieces that are nurses, a nephew currently in school for his BSN, and a sister that was one in the military. Each of them got there in different ways, so they totally understand and don't question my choices but encourage them!
  8. by   WideOpenHeart
    I am super-excited about my LPN program (starting July 15), too!

    You will be a nurse much sooner, and you can bridge to RN while working.

    LPN programs are clinicals-strong, and I have talked with several RNs who either started as LPNs and are glad - or WISH they had.

    There is not one right path for everyone...

    Anyway, it IS exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   Tiffany-LPN Student
    Congratulations on getting accepted! Don't let anyone discourage you, most people just don't understand that there are multiple paths into nursing and that this is your path! I start my LPN program September 23rd, 2013 and I couldn't be more excited or more nervous! I also want to continue on to become an RN but I am proud to be starting the LPN program and will be proud of and enjoy my time as a Licensed Practical Nurse no matter what anyone else says!

    Is anyone doing anything to prepare? I've been collecting study guides, refreshing myself on medical math and planning basic lifestyle things like how to bring meals/snacks with me and rearrange my life to accommodate this program. I'm lucky because I don't have kids and will only have a part time job I can do from home but I am still worried about being in school full time.
  10. by   Red35
    Congrats-don't worry about what people say...a lot of people have no intention of becoming an RN, they love being an LPN...

    Do what's right for you