everest college..

  1. Hey, Everyone..
    I've been browsing the board for months, this is my first time posting though

    I had a question about Everest college..
    Two years ago I tried to get into their LVN program but was turned down and told that they only accepted students who were already Medical Assistants, does anyone know if this rule is still true? I've searched the forums but haven't found anything..

    Also, I attended Everest before for a short time so I already know what type of school it is and that it is expensive, it just happens to be better for me because I'm a single mother without a lot of free time.
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  3. by   Justme269
    I am new on here too, but I can tell you that you do not need to be an MA to get in LVN school at a career college. I am a MA but was never asked at Northwest college.

    I had called Everest as part of my search on what one to go to, and was never asked if I was an MA. I chose Northwest due to hours we much easier, leaving 3-day weekends for me.
  4. by   Jasel
    I just started my LPN at Everest January 6th and did wasn't a medical assistant. I was never even a CNA. I had a psych degree but other than that nothing. I'd get that checked out because I've never heard anything like that.
  5. by   mia'smom
    Can u PLEASE givev me info about the PSB??????? Did u take it? Can u just tell me if the questions are a lot harder than on this site....
    i would appreciate any info you can give me soooooo much!
  6. by   Jasel
    Hey. Sheer luck I saw this thread lol. Don't even remember making that post above but the thread name caught my eye. From what I remember the PSB was pretty easy. I think I scored pretty well. Honestly I wouldn't freak out about the test. I've never heard of anyone not doing at least adequate on the PSB. I bought a whole book on it which pretty much went to waste hehe.
  7. by   tiramisue
    does anyone have any info about the everest nursing program in california ontario metro campus? any info would be great!