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  1. hello all,

    I am trying to apply to lpn program at the state tech schools. I want to know how the extrance exams are and if there is a review book. Also, i want to know if the program is hard to get into..Please help. I need to get into the program starting in January 09. Thanks
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  3. by   Etana85
    hi tee1978. i am currently enrolled at one of the state schools. you can go to www.cttech.org/lpn and it will give you all the neccesary info you will need. the entrance test is through net and they do have a review book but is very expensive. when i was studying for my entrance test i used the saunders lpn entrance book and i got it for $3.00 from half.com when i compared the book with my friend that bought the net review book it was the exact same thing except that she forked up $35.00 for hers.
    the requirements are now different than previously. now they require that you have math 137, english 101 (if you do not have these courses i would really advise that you start to do them now) and, you do not have to do an interview anymore. they say its because now the graduates can do the bridge program and do just the last two semesters in the adn program.
    i hope this information helps.
    best wishes to you
    -:redpinkhenina:heartbeat c/o 2010
  4. by   TEE1978
    I really appreciate it. My goal is to start in January. I will be apply to about five texh schools. I decided against the private tech schools because they are expensive. Anyway how is the program. Is it hard and which tech school are you enrolled in?
  5. by   Etana85
    i am currently enrolled at prince tech in hartford. in my opinion i do not think the program is hard if you study and put a little dedication into it. nursing school in general can be intense but i think it is absolutely do-able. and on top of it the nclex-pn pass rate for the last class on first try have been 98%
    if you have any other questions feel free to ask...
    best wishes to you.....
    nina:heartbeat, spn
    c/o 2010
  6. by   TEE1978
    Thank you for the information. So i went on the site and they have the testing info up. They want us to take the TEAS exam. Do you know if its the same as the NET exam? Thanks
  7. by   mommyof2Tees
    If I am correct the TEAS exam has science questions whereas the Net does not. Both test have your Basic Math, Reading type questions.
  8. by   CTPCTstudent
    Hi! I have been waiting for the testing info on the LPN site and saw that they just put it up and it is the TEAS instead of the NET! I am so worried about that! Isn't the TEAS much more intense in each of the subjects???
    For anyone that has taken the tests for the LPN program, do they give you the score as soon as you finish? I am trying to figure out how late in the year I can take it (so I have time to study) and still get my scores in time for the Oct 30th deadline this year.