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I am only halfway through my first semester, and I left clinical in tears, called my advisor, and now have an appointment with the department head/one of my instructors on Monday, because I am 27... Read More

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    Quote from missxvee
    What is Bullying |

    Being bullied isn't your fault.
    How you handle it, is.
    you are doing the right thing by bringing it to the attention of administrators.

    I can understand you wanting to improve your coping mechanisms, but remember, YOU ARENT THE PROBLEM HERE. the bully (or bullies) is.

    sure, improve your coping mechanisms; but go through with notifying admin of any bullying.
    no one deserves to go through that.
    In OP's opening post, she stated that she seriously felt like giving up on her dream of becoming a nurse in response to her interactions with fellow nursing students. When someone wants something desperately, is willing to work their butt off for it but feels so desperate and powerless that they are genuinely considering calling it quits? Hell, I'd rather be constructive than placate someone.

    You can't criminalize the world. You can't always penalize vague, passive-aggressive behavior. You can't depend on school admins to play referee, and you damn well can't expect charge nurses/nurse managers to do the same in the real world. What OP can control is how she perceives herself. What OP can control is how she can learn not just to cope, but successfully function in a world where jerks (and jerk entourages) exist.

    Instantly dismissing an entire situation as 100% bully-propagated isn't constructive, isn't edifying, and it sure as hell isn't going to bring OP closer to her dreams. If you perceive me as victim-blaming, I think you missed the point of my earlier post entirely.