Anyone used WIA along with Financial Aid?

  1. I'm set to begin LPN school this fall and did receive a decent amount of financial aid.

    I have a shortage that may be covered by WIA. Just curious to hear from anyone experienced with this program.

    It is quite intense for such a small amount of FA. A 3-4 hour test, registering with TN Career Center and job placement/monitoring for 6 months or longer after graduation.

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  3. by   jmg333
    Yes, but the WIA program is very helpful financial wise. They do extensive interviewing, testing, paperwork, etc and I think that is so they can give aid to those who really need it. I live in Texas, so I am not sure if it is the same where you are, but they also can help with gas vouchers, daycare, books, and even supplies, they may even pay for your uniforms, stethoscope, shoes, penlight, etc.
    IMO, it is well worth the testing, interviewing, and paperwork you have to complete Good luck
  4. by   mrsraisinkain
    Right! I personally haven't used WIA but my friend does... She gets a gas card to help her get to school and back, 2 sets of scrubs and 1 pair of shoes, and when she graduates she gets a bonus from WIA, again when she gets a job, and again when she gets a raise. Like the person above me said, it's so much more than tuition. I think it would be worth it to check it out, take the test.

    Good luck!
  5. by   LBS2008
    Thanks so much for posting.

    I think I was just overwhelmed by the intensity and the person I spoke with offered no explanation of the program at all. Just, "Go take the test and come fill out an application, then we'll talk."

    Kinda intimidating, ya know? Especially after all the work of NET testing, application process and interviewing to get into school.

    It threw me because I haven't worked in years by choice. I've been at home with five kids. I'm told they will sponsor nursing students in our area due to the shortage.

    Okay, I'm rambling.... :imbar

    Thanks, again!
  6. by   jmg333
    That is so true, they have a list of careers that are in demand and if you are going to school for one of them, they most likely help you.

    Many WIA counselors may not offer you the info that they can help in more ways than tuition, so you just have to ask.

    I also have 5 kids and they helped me through one semester last year of school. They even paid for my last series of Hep B.

    They may also pay for any drug screens ordered by the school, shots required, CPR class, etc. You can almost name it and they can help. Now of course, there are more papers to fill out for more services, but it's worth it.

    When they helped me, I just had to bring in a grade report every week to their office and they just asked me how school was going and I received gas cards. It was only $20/week in gas cards, but it sure did help!!

    If you are having trouble in school with any classes, they can also help you with tutoring.

    My friend also went through the WIA program and they paid her rent and utilities for 3 don't be scared to ask, esp with 5 kids!!

    Hope I helped you and encouraged you to accept their assistance!
  7. by   BRYTTANI18
    I love WIA! Im basically getting a free ride! they pay for my tuition, books, uniforms and other misc things i need for clinicals. They also give us $ 50 gas card all I have to do is pass!
  8. by   picurn10
    What's WIA? I'm a single mom and really struggling and can use any help I can get to get through NS. I asked at the financial aid office what other types of aid are available, but she was no help.
  9. by   jmg333
    WIA is a program that goes through the state. Here in Texas, we go to our local Workforce Solutions center and apply. Nursing is a career in demand, so they help with nursing school. There are certain criteria you must meet of course, just call them to make an appointment to speak with someone about it. I think you have to apply for Financial Aid first before they will help you. Even if you get financia aid, you may still get help through WIA (my friend does). Also, some hospitals will pay for your school, you usually have to sign a contract to work for them afterwards.
  10. by   LBS2008
    Quote from april&em
    What's WIA? I'm a single mom and really struggling and can use any help I can get to get through NS. I asked at the financial aid office what other types of aid are available, but she was no help.


    Here in TN, you go through the TN Career Center. It's the job service, work force, etc. place. You register just like you are registering for work. You do this after you have been accepted to NS and after you have applied for financial aid. The Financial Aid counselor gave me the contact information after we saw that my financial aid is not quite enough to pay for everything. She really raved about the program. I didn't really get good information from the person I called; I got most of the program info right here. :heartbeat

    Hope this helps!
  11. by   MariaJoy10
    Could someone please explain to me how I can get more information on WIA, like where to go, elgibility, and requirements? I would really appreciate it.
  12. by   LBS2008
    Maria Joy,

    The financial advisor at my school is the person who told me about WIA.
    I would suggest calling the school you plan to attend and talk to whoever handles the financial aid applications.

    Here, WIA is handled through the state job service, where you go sign up for help finding a job.

    Hope this helps!
  13. by   WhoNeedsaShot?
    WIA is Federal money, given to states, in turn given to counties. Each county can decide where and how to apply the money.....

    Here in Indiana, we have several diff counties attending my LPN class, and we all get diff. help.

    The people in my county got my uniforms, stethascope, and shoes paid for, and may or may not get part of my tutition paid for (up to $1200.00) But won't know until Jan if we get it. We have to take in signed attendence papers monthly.

    The next county over pays whatever FA doesn't, Plus $25. per week for gas, plus all the supplies that we got, along with $25.00 per week for lunch.

    So its all up to the employment agency in the county to decide where the money goes..

    I know I could sure use help with rent and gas and lunch, and the rest of my tutition, but I am greatful for what they have given me.......
  14. by   sweetsmile
    I'm in TX as well and many of my fellow students have the WIA program they have said its great. They work harder cause they know i they fail the have to pay it back.