Any Keiser Career College LPN students/recent grads?

  1. I am looking for current students/recent graduates of Keiser Career College LPN program. I have my interview with the Director of Nursing on 4/22 and would like to know what to expect. Any advice? What type of questions are asked?

    Also, what type of nursing supplies should I expect to have to purchase for school?

    Any info is greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   SBChewning
    Quote from sped tchr~lpn stdnt
    i am looking for current students/recent graduates of keiser career college lpn program. i have my interview with the director of nursing on 4/22 and would like to know what to expect. any advice? what type of questions are asked?

    also, what type of nursing supplies should i expect to have to purchase for school?

    any info is greatly appreciated!


    i am interested in this program as well! did you end up going with kcc? how much was their program? i am trying to figure out why there is a keiser university and a keiser career college?
  4. by   nursesrock1983
    Keiser Career college only offers the LPN program for nursing while keiser University only starts at the RN level. I currently attend the greenacres campus for LPN and i love it!! All the teachers are great there and you get the help you need. Keiser career college does offer a bridge program so you can continue if you want to be an RN for another year in Miami just a couple of days a week. I've heard though that they are trying to start the bridge program up here as well. Good luck!
  5. by   Beautynurse87
    Um...I would advise anyone to STAY away from the LPN program at KCC greenacres. Trust me im a current student and yes i am passing and this is my last month(THANK GOD). STAY AWAY that school has no respect from nurses at hospitals due to current and past issues and they stopped screening. They allow anyone into the school and in my opinion not everyone can be a nurse. That school has DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA with faculty and students and they dnt tell you this but god forbid you dont pass and have to repeat or simply have to take time off due to personal issues you can only do tht once. so when you come back and god forbids you have to repeat or whatever you can't finish the program and no other school in WPB takes there credits. not to mention its too expensive. try PBCC there are even some schools in Broward. BOTTOM LINE STAY AWAY FROM KEISER CAREER COLLEGE
  6. by   bdsmom
    I am currently a student at KCC for the LPN program (NPR campus). Don't sweat the interview, I was told when I went through the process that as long as you come in dressed half way decent and can present yourself like an adult they will let you in. Questions I was asked: "Why do you want to become a nurse?" "What do you expect to do once you're in the nursing field?" "What kind of hobbies do you have?". It was fairly simple and easy. The program is basically all self study and the only advice I can give you about the program would be to not do things to get in trouble and you won't have to worry about disciplinary action, STUDY FOR YOUR ATIs because if you don't pass them by the third try you will fail the semester, don't challenge the opinion of the administration/teachers, and kiss major butt of your instructors because you absolutely will find a lot of favoritism going on, at my campus atleast. I can't really say I'm satisfied with the school because I've seen a lot of BS go on right infront of my eyes. Make sure you keep copies of all the paperwork you have to submit because they lose it a lot of the time and keep track of your grades and attendance so you can find mistakes they may make (because they probably will). The program serves it's purpose and I suppose you can't expect too much from an LPN program that takes 12 months. YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF YOUR EXPERIENCE. The resources are there, but most of the time if you don't ask questions you won't learn above what you have to study. 1st semester is a cakewalk, 2nd semester picked up a little bit (10-20 chapters a week), I'm not in my 3rd semester yet but it's clinicals 3 days a week and your weekly tests are based on what you already know from the first 2 semesters. Like I said, the program prepares you to take your state boards but if you don't study you may pass the program but you won't know what to do when it comes to boards. The cost of tuition and supplies for the year is anywhere between $28k and $35k. The only things that I had to buy out of pocket were white shoes and the $400+ dollars for all the enrollment/testing fees. There are other schools that are much cheaper but they have waiting lists and most take longer than 12 months. Everything else was covered with my loans and grants. Good luck if you decide to attend.
  7. by   BajanPeach
    Great advice. I will be starting at KCC-Miami Lakes in Oct -2012. Are there any other students starting at this time?
    Any advise on better/improving my study habits? I have been at Broward and MDC never done the one-course a month before. Any tips, suggestions, recommendations anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.
  8. by   Unequaledbeauty30
    Interesting that I saw this post because I am currently going through the application process for the RN program at Keiser University in Lakeland, FL. I will have to retake 4 of my gen edu courses with KU because the grade was a C and before I can start the Nursing Core classes I have to bring them up to a B. I don't know if I want to do this or start an LPN program. Right now the LPN program would run me about $5,500 vs. Keiser University which would run me about $35,000... and I have already racked up $60,000 in loans from my BA degree I am really trying to decide which route I should take.
  9. by   didi768
    Unequaledbeauty30: How the heck are you ever going to pay off 60,000 in student loans...ever?? That is a house!!! We only owe like 30,000 as a married couple and it's still over 300 per month payment! What route did you end up choosing?
  10. by   didi768
    Whoa, I see now that post was very old oops. Regardless, what are you up to now? Hehe.