Why the Prejudice against LPNs - page 4

I am an LPN and due to health reasons I have to give up RN transition hopefully for a short time. I fail to understand why RNs and LPNs can't work together without the bickering.I know that med techs... Read More

  1. by   mirn
    Waaaay back in this discussion, i think someone mentioned something about all of us being NURSES...in it for patient care, and we should stick together...(if not, I just did!)
    I want to say that I truly believe that there is something to be learned about patient care from EVERYONE...a good CNA can make your patient the most comfortable they can be, a good LPN is sooo dependable when you are tied up with charts, the phone, etc. A good RN listens to her co-workers and never, ever belittles them, because they worked hard to get where they are too. And of course she listens to her/his patient because the best ideas come from them. Bad employees are just that, whether they are nurses or not. There are know-it-alls and God's gift-type people in every walk of life.
    And having been all three(cna, lpn and rn) I feel as though i can see the irreplaceability of each..let's remember that. And as far as LPN's not knowing pathophysiology and the sort, you must never have met one who has worked med surgical for 25 yrs or so..she will teach any RN a thing or two...BSN,MSN or whatever. I guarantee it!
  2. by   LindasueRN
    Amen to mirn! WE ARE ALL NURSES! We are all in this together for the sake of the patient. With all this bickering going on I'm amazed the work even gets done. I am a travel nurse which has given me many experiences. I have worked with LPNs (and Techs for that matter) that are smarter and have more common sense than some of the RNs and BSNs out there. As with anything, there are good nurses and bad nurses regardless of title and we all have to put up with them. I chose to go straight through school to RN and never experienced the degredation that some higher-than-thou RNs feel necessary to dish out but I want you to know some of us do feel you are valued. Keep your chin up!