Whos is in the florida area, and can tell me the salary for LPNs?

  1. Hi Im so confused I don't know if attending Medvance is worth it the tution rate is $24,000. Can anyone tell me if this rate is ok?

    It includes tution, scrubs, equipments, books, and the license test at the end to become a LPN.

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  3. by   mc3
    Yikes!!! $24,000?? Have you tried a local community college? I went to school in Mass and it cost me, all told, about $10,000. Not including licensure.
    I now live in FL - looks like LPN's start at about $14-$16/yr.
    Good luck!
  4. by   luv4nursing
    hey Lizzy,
    I live in FL...I work in pediatric home health...its very laid back and non-stressful. I make 16.50 but the pay is anywhere from $15-$21 an hour depending on the acuity of your patient. I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially if u intend to go back to school for your RN. I have been working here for a year while I took the pre reqs for the RN bridge program, and I should be able to continue to work nights while I go back to school for my RN next month. It is easy to get school work done during your down time. If u work in a Dr. Office u will be looking at less pay bc many are hiring mainly Medical Assistants now since they can pay them less, so if they do hire an LPN they want to pay a similar rate ($12-$14/hr). If you work in a nursing home u should get $17-$20/hr. These are ballpark ranges and rates Ive heard from friends/old classmates, and seen advertised. Best of luck.

    As far as tuition...I went to Orlando Tech where it was about 4k including books, uniforms, licensing. They had aid programs based on current need, so even though I didnt qualify for a Pell Grant or anything based on my FAFSA for that year, all I had to show them was my current pay stub (I started working part time when school started, but was previously working a full time job). So I got my tuition paid for, as well as my state boards. All I had to buy was books and uniforms. It was an awesome deal. Now Im going back for my RN and it will cost right around 3k for that. So not bad for me to be paying 7k for all my schooling up until my RN, and technically 3k since I got LPN school paid for thru financial aid.