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  1. by   julieb326
    Quote from volcomcna
    new grad in family medicine $24.47 orange county,ca
    Where at?
  2. by   Tasha1309
    Quote from ibmanda2000
    1.5 years with my LVN license, Pediatric Home Health, San Antonio, TX $25/hr And loving every minute of it! Cant wait to be an RN!
    If you don't mind me asking. What company do you work for?
  3. by   marialou
    started at 17/hr 2003 ,now its 25/hr working in SNF in orange county ca
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  4. by   sutherngurl47slt
    $21hr LTC Nashville TN 3-11mult yrs Exp
  5. by   OrganizedChaos
    Quote from Tasha1309

    If you don't mind me asking. What company do you work for?
    Ditto that!
  6. by   Lilredhen1
    Don't be sad. Go fight for what you feel you're worth.
  7. by   Lilredhen1
    Northern Shenandoah Valley--$16 to start, $18 with experience, full affordable bennies, M-F with close to banker's hours. My classmates mostly went to LTC and made around $20 to start, working mostly nights. Sometimes it's a matter of picking your poison.
  8. by   tcooks7
    Home health $24/hr. When I travel to other cities, $26/hr in Phoenix, AZ. 2 weeks having my license at that!
  9. by   nursetessa
    New grad nurse in LTC $22.90/hr plus $1 shift differential for NOC shift. (Washington State)
  10. by   Oedgar
    In an OB/gyn office, in rural Texas... $15 per hour, after many years at home, and zero OB experience. My coworker, who has lots of experience, and has been there 10years, makes 18. No insurance, which is not a problem for me as I have it with my husband. For me coworker, this is a problem.
  11. by   OrganizedChaos
    I commented before but I got a new job. I'm doing PDN but making $20/hr & working at a jail making $21.30/hr in south TX.
  12. by   jisseldalia
    California 21 at a pediatric clinic M-F 3 years experience. Free health benefits and 2 weeks vacation.
  13. by   dreeea
    Quote from slicksGIRL
    New grad lvn, no experience $19/hr (union) with benefits. Re-eval every 6 months. LA, CA
    Are they hiring at your job ?