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I'm nursing student in US.:spin: How much average LVN and RN earn per hour?especially in CA? Any info is appriciated.Thank you.... Read More

  1. by   vvn3
    I am not from CA, but I thought I'd put some comparison info for you. I'm from Hawaii. Here's the per hour comparison according to the people I know in the hospital.
    Hawaii LPN's entry level about $15 to $18
    Hawaii LPN with experience $18 to $24
    Hawaii RN's entry level (RPN 2 first 6 months as an RN) 27 to 29 dollars
    Hawaii RN's with some experience (RPN 3) $33 to $35
    Hawaii RN's (RPN 3 with more experience) $35 to $45
    Hawaii RN's Head Nurse or Supervisor position's (RPN 4) about $53 to $55
    Hawaii RN pay can even go higher depending on your specialty and experience.

    Hope you like the comparison info. lol!
  2. by   GoosbyLPN
    Do anyone know the pay for a LPN in metro Atlanta? Everytime I ask or read someone else's column the person that gives the answer beat around the bush. So if there is someone out there please let me knw..Thnks in advance
  3. by   melissa1171
    I was going to ask the same ? I live in Massachusetts and know that LPN's do NOT make 15 as an LPN. I made over 18 as a Medical Assistant. I am taking the boards soon, and all facilities I have gone to so far for a job, have offered nothing less than 22.