Tribute to an LPN/Oklahoma City Bombing/Nurse

  1. Tribute to Rebecca Anderson, LPN by E.V. Stankowski
    ************************************************** ****
    About Rebecca Anderson

    Rebecca was an LPN that responded to the Oklahoma City Bombing and
    courageously gave of herself to help the injured. While she was inside
    the Federal building caring for the sick, she was struck by a piece of
    concrete debris from a falling wall. The incident ultimately led to her
    death (five days later).

    This tribute is to pay honor to her memory and valiant act. It is with
    great pride and a heartfelt sadness I add this nursing tribute to my
    "Angel of Mercy" collection.

    In the scope of this great earth
    You are more than just a name
    You're an Angel without wings
    Won the Golden Heart of Fame

    See the Golden Heart of Fame
    Is no easy task to reach
    It's an honor in God's home
    All the Angels do beseech

    And the Angels stand in awe
    At the risk that you did take
    You were willing to risk all
    For the lives that were at stake

    It's a given fact you know
    How a nursing heart does act
    It's a quality innate
    Selflessly they do react

    And this was the beauty seen
    In Rebecca's heart that day
    Never once did she look back
    As she saw the victims lay

    As a tribute to her life
    There's a special gift above
    That the Angels all admire
    For her precious act of love

    It's a heart made of pure gold
    On a stand that's crystal clear
    With a radiance so keen
    Every night it does appear

    If at night we look above
    There's a shine we all will see
    Don't mistake it for the stars
    It's Rebecca's Gift We See.

    copyrighted 1995 "Angel of Mercy Collection"
    by E.V. Stankowski RN
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    This LPN was, truly, an unsung heroine.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    Rebecca Anderson is truly a nurse hero!