To those who failed the Nclex the first time.. - page 2

i failed my nclex the first time and im about to take it a second time in november...i overheard some of my bf's family members talking about how i failed the NCLEX PN the first time i took it.. they... Read More

  1. by   Ks mommy nurse
    Well as I 've mentioned before I too didn't pass the the nclex the first time either. I put it off for a year:trout: that was dumb on my part. But anyway got the courage up again and didn't really study for the test. BC i knew the info, I did real well in school, but just froze when I tested. I did one of those review classes and what I basically learned was "TAKE YOUR TIME"!! Be confident and you will pass!!!! I did and by the way it seemed easy the next time that when the computer shut off at 102 I knew I passed. Well good luck and keep us posted and we'll clebrate for you
  2. by   kakamegamama
    Hang in there! Just ignore the ignorance of those who have not walked in your shoes. You obviously are smart enough to have passed school so you will pass the exam. Best regards!
  3. by   LC LPN
  4. by   lorettaline
    let me tell you something why are you so sad because some ignorant people say so untrue things about you. be proud of yourself for making it so far. i'm pretty sure none of them are a lpn because they would have know how hard it was for you with all this study that you had to do in a short of time.
    be proud because you deserve it. study and take it again and again if you have to, and don't let anybody make you feel less than you are.
  5. by   HeartJulz
    Toss some of your books down at them and see if they can even get through one chapter.. ha! Phooey on them .. those are people you shoudl close out , life is about hapiness and though it sounds silly, but you must have happiness in yourself.. yourself is your main star... and if no one can see you as high as you see yourself they are def. not worth being in yorur life... I feel weird sometimes because since my hubby died in 97 and my last real love relationship ended in 2001, I have pretty much been on my own... yes it sometimes gets lonely but yourself will push you when you want to fail and suceed and smile down on you when you are blue ... hang in there, none of this nursing is 'easy' anyone who thinks that def. isnt the least informed... good luck to you .... :heartbeat-- Julz