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  1. One of the reasons I tend to avoid this part of the forum is the not infrequent bashing of LPNs in it.

    The info blurb at the top states it's a safe place to discuss our practice, our education, our work.

    Yet, more and more I see RNs posting in it telling us that we should be BSNs and not to waste our time, money, etc by getting the LPN credential.

    No encouragement just "don't do it".

    People considering the LPN practice need to research the availability of work in their area for themselves. It's part of information gathering and then assess if it's worth it for them.

    Not everyone has the luxury of being able to obtain a four year degree be it for financial, family, or other personal reasons. Not every "mature" LPN wants to obtain her RN credential.

    A little bit of respect goes a long way.
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  3. by   adnstudent44
    I totally understand your frustration, but to be fair I have seen/read LPNs coming into the "RN corner" bashing RNs or claiming that while they are in an RN program they are superior to the other students in their program who are not LPNs. I don't think its the groups as wholes who have problems or bad manners, but rather the individuals. No one should do it, though, so I'm sorry you feel like you have to avoid the one place that is designated for you. That sucks
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  4. by   Fiona59
    I wasn't aware the RNs had a corner of their own apart from the education one.

    The rest of the board I just regard as a meeting place for all healthcare workers.
  5. by   adnstudent44
    yep, that's what I was referring to, the different rn student threads, or any thread with rn in it. Thats why I put it in quotations marks like "RN corner."
  6. by   aTOMicTom
    I have always thought that the term "LPN Corner" was a bit demeaning , as if was saying to us "Ok, go sit in the corner with the other less-desirable kids". But I'm pretty sure that's not their intent, and I have tried to come up with a better title to no avail - although consistent formatting WOULD dictate that it should have its own yellow/white tab at the top of the page with the "Nurses", "Specialties", "Critical"(why this doesn't fall under specialties eludes me), "APRN", etc., labelled "LPN/LVN".
    No biggie, though.
  7. by   Esme12
    Why is it listed under nurses? Because LPN's are nurses and that is where their specialty is located. When it was introduced...LPN's wanted their own "corner" as nurses to discuss issues affecting difficulties to their practice ...hence the name LPN corner. APRN have their own because they are different with their own set of practice differences. AN restricts no one from any single forum. Me personally.... I stay out of the CRNA forum...they are a little rough for me over there....LOL.

    If there are objectionable them. Do not engage them let ADMIN take care of the issue.
  8. by   pookyp
    Quote from aTOMicTom
    I have always thought that the term "LPN Corner" was a bit demeaning , as if was saying to us "Ok, go sit in the corner with the other less-desirable kids". .
    Lol. This made me chuckle. I never thought about it like that but I can see how it sounds demeaning.