Test Your Knowledge

  1. 1. The attending MD must be notified of a ___ lbs. weight loss or gain.
    2. The resident care plan is initiasted upon ______________________.
    3. Resident care plan goals should be _________ and _____________.
    4. The initial MDS must be comleted within ______________________.
    5. When receiving a psychoactive drug order the ___________ must obtain an informed consent.
    6. You may pre-pour ___ dose(s) of medication in a skilled nursing facility.
    7. When giving any psychotropic drug the nurse must monitor the _______ and _______ each shift.
    8.The MD orders Keflex 500 mg PO QID x 7 days. At what times will you give this drug?
    9. Postural supports are allowed on any resident if a nurse thinks the resident needs it. True ____ False ____
    10. You may have a PRN psychotropic drug order without a routine psychotropic order. True ____ False ____
    11. Resident call signals shall be answered within _______________.
    12. When giving medications that nurse must wash her hands after each direct contact and every a) 2nd resident b) 3rd c) 4th
    13. When a resident falls or has any injury we must place the residents on a condition change list and the licensed staff must chart for a) 24 h b) 48 h c) 72 h
    14. How often should you take the BP of a resident on Lasix?
    15. Antibiotics mus always have a stop order date. True ___ False ___
    16. Wehn you note a physician's order you must indicate the following:
    a. __________________________________
    b. __________________________________
    c. __________________________________
    d. __________________________________
    17. For an elderly resident a persistent low-grade fever can indicate what conditions?

    GREAT NURSE: 16-17
    AVERAGE NURSE: 13-15
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    You're implicitly making the assumption that all LPNs work in LTC by posting this 'Test of Knowledge' on this particular forum. Many of the LPNs who post here would not be able to provide correct answers to this test because they work in varied areas such as outpatient clinics, hospice, med-surg, mother-baby, home health, rehab, psychiatric nursing, and other specialties.

    Perhaps this 'Test of Knowledge' would be better suited for the Geriatric/LTC forum:

  4. by   MedicalLPN
    As always, excellent point Commuter, Plus every State and every facility is different as far as policy goes and what may be the correct answer in your facility or state may not be correct in another. Not trying to slam you or anything, interesting quiz.
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    every facility has different policies for each one of these items... no way to test on this stuff and where are the answers for this ....cause i am not a great nurse, but a damn good nurse and i bet i would get hung on half these.
  6. by   suespets
    i don't know why my replys aren't appearing. sue
  7. by   suespets
    it's nice to see an entry for we ltc lpns for a change!
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from suespets
    it's nice to see an entry for we ltc lpns for a change!
    I'm an LVN in LTC, and I'm darn proud of it. However, a forum exists specifically for those of us who work in LTC, and it's called the Geriatric/LTC forum.