talking to dept heads in other depts ....sigh

  1. In the ltc facility I work at we have a 2nd shift laundry/hskpr who is....well....gently putting it...she seems to be somewhat mentally "slower" to me.....Im not really sure b/c she functions sooooo well...anyways...she is loud, rude, obnoxious, critical, and sometimes careless when it concerns me and my cna staffing..and sometimes to the residents...she has a way of turning a calm dementia resident into a blazing nightmare...she can get them really agitated by her voice and her really dont think she intends to be like this...i think its more of her nature..but is the deal....for many months now I have put up with this woman pushing my med cart aside with me standing behind it trying to pull up my meds or draw up my insulins for which several times she has almost caused the med cups to spill over and i even almost stuck myself with a needle just yesterday when she plowed into me trying to cram herself between the door and my medcart to hang up some freakin clothes! Ive told her before that she would have to just go to another room if I was at a room w/meds or if my cnas were doing care in a room....that she cant just go in there when she wants to..that didnt last today when she tried to delegate to one of my had it and i called her supervisor and told him what had been going on with her...turns out he'd had several complaints prior.....i know it was necessary to bring these issues to his attn but why do i feel so guilty? I like this woman when shes not nagging etc...shes a good hard worker...but my god dont ask for TP....anyhow...he told me that he could speak to her without making it seem like shes being bashed or what not. My point to make was that when a nurse whether it be me or another...should not be interrupted or have our carts pushed out of the way to suit her hanging up clothes.....insulin can kill a person if that dose isnt right and she causes major distractions. Ive had to start over with insulins too many times b/c of her yelling at me for something stupid. Has anyone else had something like this occur in the workplace???How did you handle it? Did I maybe overreact to this ????? one can only take the same crap for so long....i would just like for her to get it....luckily her supervisor is a really good one and wont drag her thru a bed of nails over her behavior......sighhhhh...I just dont like having to deal with another depts. employees.....
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  3. by   nursel56
    No, you didn't overreact!!!!! If anything, you were too patient. She is DANG-ER-OUS
  4. by   systoly
    You may not have liked to deal with it, but you did it very well.