Starting my 1st job as LPN in LTC in 2days

  1. I just got my license and will be starting my first job on Monday in LTC. I will be doing 3rd shift Mon - Fri, and I am nervous. I hope it turns out to be a good experience.
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  3. by   MzMouse
    I got my first experience as an LPN almost 16 years ago in LTC working nights. I thought it was a fine place to start. I wish you good luck.
    There are lots of threads on allnurses about sleep on the noc shift. Really, really try to get at least 6-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Use a fan or something for white noise so the sounds of the day don't keep you awake.
    The night shift can work very, very well for some people. Most of folks I used to work with continue to work nights. It allows people to spend evenings with their families and not miss activities like those working 3-11.
  4. by   SouthernPeach3
    You will do fine. You will be on orientation and it will give you time to get to know the routine. Remember to make sure if you feel as through you need more time with orientation or you are not understanding do not be afraid to ask.
    You will be fine. Stay organized and stay focus.
    Congrats..on being a new nurse.
  5. by   Nadia Shephard
    Good for you...I am also looking to re-enter the work force ASAP and am nervous about it. I have not worked in close to 9 years and am afraid my skills are rusty. I am confident that I can get a job w/an agency (which tend to pay more). I am not sure how I am going to be able to work and take care of everything else too. Anyway if you've been taking care of three boys I'm sure going to work will be a breeze for you... Good Luck in your new venture and let me know if you need some one to talk to.
    Your LPN Friend
  6. by   deedee1245
    I started my career in LTC 5 months ago. I didn't get enough orientation due to a shortage of available nurses @ the facility. Six days and I was put on the floor alone, I am still having some problems, so PLEASE ask for more orientation if you think you need it. I'm fifty years old and most of the nurses thought I had been in nursing a long time, so ASK.
  7. by   catlynLPN
    Ask lots of questions.
    Be sure to find out where the O2 tanks and supplies are.
    {At the LTC where I work, they are notorious for keeping stuff locked up where we can't get to it.}
    They also don't keep a current schedule out and I can't always tell who is on call for RN's.
    I would also make sure I could find the transfer sheets for when you have to send someone out by ambulance.
    Make yourself a phone number sheet, if they don't already have one readily available, of Dr's and RN's numbers, hospital, amublances, fire, police and any other number you deem necessary.
    That's another pet peeve I have of where I work part time...numbers are difficult to find. They're supposed to have a Know-it-all-book but I can never find it.

    Oh, yes, be sure you get an orientation on the fire alarm. Recently the fire alarm has gone off at my facility at 6am, right when I'm passing early morning meds. I was not orientated to how to turn the darn thing off. We had a difficult time with it and ended up listening to the thing until maintenance guy could get there.

    You may not experience any of these problems, but just in case you do, I'm just trying to give you a head start on some things to be aware of.
    If I think of anything else I'll post it.
    But I do like the night's easier and usually quieter for me.
  8. by   DivaNurse2007
    I just started my first job two weeks ago. I had 2 day orientation(watching videos-hippa, etc.) and had 8 days on the floor.So about two weeks of orientation which seems long enough. Im kinda of nervous starting by out on my own tommorrow, especially about the paperwork , dr orders, etc not so much the med pass. But from what I seen, if you have very good organization skills it can help out a whole lot. So here I go
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    Good luck!
  10. by   Ambier
    Good luck...and remember, just breathe. If you get lost or behind take it one step at a time. you can do it!!!
  11. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.