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  1. I took my boards oct 2, 06 and that was on a monday. I just got my letter less than a hour ago oct 26, 06 saying I passed. It really feel good when all your hard work payoff. I was really nervous because two weeks went by and i have not gotton my letter yet. I just knew i didnt pass so i went on line and read some where that if you havent gotton your letter in two weeks you should call the state board(Im in california)I called and because i had a feloney (when i was 18 years old) my results go to the enforcement unit. Well no one picked up the phone the first day so I left a message. I called back the next day and gotton some one on the phone she told me that my results wasnt even in the unit and she had to go look for them and she would call me back. I was thinking they wasnt going to call me back but she did and told me i would get my results by the end of this week and I talked to her that tuesday and today is thursday. I want to tell everyone that wished me luck and told me to keep my head up thanks. This fourm really helped me distress at a time when i was really feeling bad (after taking the nclex test) Gook luck for the ones who waiting.
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    Congrats, Nurse! Yeah, my friend who took it the 2nd hasn't received her results either. She called the board and they said that there was a delay I guess with everyone that took their boards that day. It's weird because I took mine on the 4th and got my passing results in exactly two weeks.