snf burn out

  1. i've been doing snf as lvn for more than 14years ,and am burned out. Quit my last snf recently without another job because of the stress which i've never done. have had hard couple years with double mastectomy and loss of my father and my siblings are no longer speaking after death. i now just started another snf and my heart is not in it. in fact i feel nauseated when i walk in, and thats not me. i need a job with a little less patient care. i can't seem to get into any clinics or hospitals like kaiser. please i need help on what to do next i've been an lvn for 18 rears and i'm 49 please help
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I do see LVNs utilized in behavioral health. You'd still be doing patient care, but it might be a nice change depending on how you feel about that population.
  4. by   Neats
    If you are up to it they hire LVN/LPN for Utilization Review in the insurance industry. You are looking at medical criteria verses what they send in as far as documentation. The big 4 are Blue Cross, United, Cigna and Aetna. They mostly hire BSN but we do have some LPN's.
  5. by   Sparki77
    My heart goes out to you. I have a gut feeling that sour lemon's advice may be a good fit for you. Psych is totally different from staff nursing but you'll still get that human connection. I have 10 yrs +/- in a combo of tele, icu & some ed. I've been in psych for the last 5 yrs. & love it. (I have a similar situation to yours).

    Take care of yourself & be well.