Should I get malpractice insurance as a LVN

  1. Hello everyone,

    I recently got my LVN license and I have been searching for jobs 24/7. It's so hard here in Cali to get a job as a new LVN grad. In searching for LVN positions, I found an available position and it states that nurse must have malpractice insurance. Can someone please tell me how much does it cost and if I should apply for this position with the malpractice insurance. ( In nursing school we did not go over any malpractice insurance. I'm not to familiar with it but is does sound like a good thing to have..idk)

    thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    It costs about $100 a year, give or take. All nurses who are working as nurses need malpractice insurance. Consider it a cost of doing business as a nurse. Check out this provider: There is another major provider that I can't remember right now but you can find it by doing an internet search for nurse malpractice insurance. I would certainly apply for any and all jobs that are available. Do not let a malpractice insurance requirement hold you back. You should carry it anyway, no matter what an employer requires.
  4. by   futurehealthcarewrkr
    oh wow..that's cheap. I thought it was going to be like $100 per month or something like that..okay..Thank you so much..oddly enough I just received an email back from that position I was inquiring about. Lets see what happens!..Thank You again for your reply! I will for sure get malpractice insurance!
  5. by   Vershonda
    I was wondering the same thing about malpractice insurance. I currently work PT for an agency and was talking to my BF who suggested the insurance because the agencies really dont care about your license when it comes to malpractice all they really care about is filling a position.

    Thanks for the info.
  6. by   futurehealthcarewrkr
    I Just went into the site above ..and I would only pay $50 a year! Awesome! It sure does sound like a good thing to get!
  7. by   caliotter3
    If you want some interesting material to read, go to the Legal Case Studies under the Risk Management tab at the NSO site. Always enlightening.
  8. by   futurehealthcarewrkr
    Oh okay. I will do that. Thanks for the info. I will check out the case studies!
  9. by   Fiona59
    My malpractice insurance is $2million CDN. It' part of my yearly registration fees.

    Even though the hospital says their policy covers you, don't trust them.