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Go ahead and introduce yourself to our little online community! I suppose I'll start. I completed an LVN program in the Los Angeles area in October 2005, passed NCLEX-PN in January 2006, and have... Read More

  1. by   chakranurse

    I am a travel LPN assigned in the Chesapeake Bay area. I have been an LPN since 1996. I have worked in Ortho/Neuro Rehab, Hospice, TCU, LTC, Skilled, Med Surg and am accredited to work with Alzheimer's patients.

    I love geri-psych. I love Transitional Care. I love Neuro. I guess anything to do with the brain.

    This is my first travel assignment. Its hard because you float CONSTANTLY. Never seem to get my bearings straight so far. My son travels with me and I home/internet school him. We do love it.

    I do have my RN pre-reqs just dont have my company offers a bridge program with tuition reimbursement after 3 assignments and I plan to utilize that. Always looking for a mental challenge and to better myself.
  2. by   ari3sdog
    I'm 26 year old fililino, male. I lived in CA, in San Mateo. I went to school on May 2006 and graduated May 2007. Got my NCLEX result on November 2007. I'm now currently working at Long-term Care facility in San Francisco. I am currently taking my prereq from College-Network. I wanted to pursue to become RN.
  3. by   compassionate_1
    Hi, I graduated from the LPN program in July 2007, took state boards and passed in September 2007. I got a job at an outpatient clinic in October 2007 and worked there until February 2008 when one of the four physicians employed there was so direspectful and belittling:bowingpur that I spoke to management about it. Four days later, on my day off, I got a phone call from the nursing supervisor. She stated that I didnt do anything wrong but that a decision had been made, and I was being let go. So, after that slap in the face, I got a new job at a LTC facility where I am currently employed. It's hard getting adjusted to the heavy patient load and stressful med pass, but I think Im better suited for bedside nursing and that all the drama at my first job happened for a reason. Im going on for my RN degree and looking foward to the oppurtunities it will bring.
  4. by   gettingupthere
    Hi, I graduated from an LPN tech program in 1968, I did this while I was in highschool! It was tough! One of my instructors was a retired Army nurse. Taught us alot about taking responsibility for your actions, always being prepared,integrity, and ALWAYS bow down to the Docs ( that one has been tough for me, I don't). I worked med surg at a local hospital for my first yr after graduation, but my heart was always in LTC ( I worked as a NA while in High school in a nursing home). I work at the same LTF now, for the past 37 yrs, I work on short term rehab for the most part, I helped to open the unit 10 yrs ago. I love it!!!! I don't love the way administration treats it's staff or the attitude toward the residents needs. But I feel like I make a difference to my residents!
    I hope to retire in a few more years, I will probably always work a day or so in LTC, until I either drop dead or get put into one of the beds ( God Forbid!)
    I never felt the need to become an RN, people have always told me I should "Go on For your RN" But, it wasn't Me! I do make good money after all these years, and I already feel a sense of satisfaction.
    Well, that's me in a nutshell ( nursingwise).
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  5. by   BCCnurse
    Been a nusre since October 1999.Got my first of many jobs in LTC.I am now an instructor for the RMA program.My goal is to save enough money to get my RN.I love my Family and my job.Good luck to all those who are advancing their careers.