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Go ahead and introduce yourself to our little online community! I suppose I'll start. I completed an LVN program in the Los Angeles area in October 2005, passed NCLEX-PN in January 2006, and have... Read More

  1. by   teresadkinslpn2rn
    proud to say...just pinned ...and am about to find a job! have to do 120 hours for the state....then i can apply to take the so excited...just wish i could find out the pay scale for this area...
  2. by   ReniLPN
    I've been an LPN since 1998, working mainly in LTC. I have worked part-time in home health and corrections. Moved a couple of months ago from New Jersey to Texas. Not working now, enjoying my new son. It is so many nursing opportunties out here. I thing once I start working again, I'll do agency first. I have thought about going on further to be an RN. But I really love being an LPN and being hands on.
  3. by   ReniLPN
    I've been an LPN for 10 years now. I'm experienced in LTC, Corrections, and Home Health. I moved from New Jersey to Texas a few months ago. I'm not working right now - enjoying my newborn. It is so many nursing opportunties in this state, I'll probably work agency to test the waters. I enjoy being an LPN and being hands on.
  4. by   kythe
    I graduated as an LPN within the last year and spent the first 4 months working in a nursing home that I hated. Despite the poor quality of patient care, I can't say I regret it since I did gain a lot of valuable experience there. Now I work through a temp agency, but spend most of my time in group homes for the mentally and physically disabled. I like the people I work with, the environment, and standard of care much more than at my previous job.
  5. by   ggal2933
    i graduated september 06, took my boards in november 06 and have been working in a doctors office ever since. i am getting ready to take my pre reqs for the rn program
  6. by   LPMRN
    I became an LPN in 2003. I worked on a very busy Oncology/med-surg floor a little over a year. Got an offer for an Occupational Health position and took it, been here almost 3 yrs. I sometimes miss being a floor nurse, but the perks here are great(weekends & holidays off, dayshift, can go to the bathroom when I want too. etc.ha.) If you have worked in a hospital setting, you know what I mean. I am currently in a RN program and will graduate in May 08.
  7. by   KrisMis
    I graduated in August of 2005 & have been working in LTC since that time. I finally got to move to the Alzheimer unit a year ago & love it!
  8. by   lavender rose
    Hello you all
    I graduated in the fall of 06 and got my license the summer of 07. I started my LVN job in October. I work in a rehabilitaion hospital 12 hr shifts.
  9. by   Spritz
    hi all - i am still a student in the pn programme - here it is a fulltime 12 month programme. we have completed semester one and our first community practicum. class resumes jan 2 at which time we will be covering geriatric/gerontology followed by our geriatric practicum. then we head into acute care followed by practicum and then our preceptorship and write our national exam sept 10th 2008. it is a very intense fast pace course.
    i am 45 - mother of 4 (son 22, daughters 19 1/2, 18 and 16 1/2) two youngest at home still. married to the same wonderful man 25 yrs july 2007. all are very supportive of me being in school fulltime. i am anxious to learn from others in the nursing profession.
    happy holidays to all of you from western canada.
    cheers, teresa
  10. by   slynn61
    Hi all. Graduated May of this year. Took NCLEX-PN July 6th. Have been working LTC ever since. I am 46 and mother of 2, well three if you count the hubby. I love my job and this wonderful profession.
  11. by   gettingupthere
    Hi I graduted an LPN program in 1968! I have worked in LTC in the same facility since 1971. I pesently work part time and work short term rehab and love it! It is VERY busy but very rewarding! It's great to help people get well and go home. I worked 1 year in med surg after graduating, but didn't care for it. I think I was too young ( only 18 ).
  12. by   softstorms
    Hi, I have been an LPN for (oh my) 18 years. I worked as an aide for 10 years prior to that. I started in hospitals as a LPN, but then moved to LTC for about 8 years. Now work in a Acute care-Rehab setting. I have worked my way up and down the food chain in this job and find I like where I am. What I like about nursing is that it is always changing and growing, no matter what you choose to do. I have also found that the internet has changed the way nurses feel about themselves. Why back in the stone age (LOL) you only had the nurses around you to judge anything by. That was not always our best guidelines LOL. Now we can hear and interact with so many nurses that we get a new perspective on everything. It has helped me get over some of my "old school" nursing ideas.
  13. by   pink2blue1
    Hi Everyone! I'm Shannon, an LVN in Cali. Graduated in Sept. 2006, took boards on November 30th 2006, got results December 9th. Started working December 31st of last year! Coming up on my 1 year anniversary! What a year it's been. I work in acute care on Med-Surg. Very busy, and I love it! Finally come to realize that I am NOT the new grad anymore ;-) I am in the College Network LVN to BSN program. It's going slow, but going :-) My long term goal is to get my BSN and work either in L&D or ER. We'll see!