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Hi all, I just attended the annual California Licensed Vocational Nurses League for the first time. I found it surprising that this is the only League we have for LVN's in california who are... Read More

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    Is there state income tax in Texas?
    Texas has no state income tax. However, the property taxes are pricey.
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    Thanks commuter for th info.


    Another option is Indiana State University LVN-BSN Program through the college network. Its about $21,000 ( depending on how many pre-reqs youve taken) and its online and self study.They have a guarentee you pass and you can do the studying on your own time.They are approved through the state board of registered nursing earlier this year.Check em out.This maybe are only hope while they keep making it harder to get a rn and besides youll get a BSN from a well known prestigous university. Im starting this route Jan 08 since I just graduated.
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    hey, yall, i'm a new nurse, here from nyc, oh wait, this is only for california nurses, (sigh) where are the ny pns? i guess i'm not wanted here , so long!!!
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    Quote from gt4everpn
    hey, yall, i'm a new nurse, here from nyc, oh wait, this is only for california nurses, (sigh) where are the ny pns? i guess i'm not wanted here , so long!!!
    no your welcomed here. i just wanted to post info regarding an organization who needs lvn from california to join.
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    Hey MiMi,

    I live in Palmdale too. I'll bet I know which hospital you work at. One of the charge nurses lives next door to me, and she echoes you. I agree, AVC makes it so hard to get in. I don't understand why, seeing that nurses are in such high demand. A lot of this stuff doesn't make sense to me. I don't believe it should be just handed to us, but we shouldn't have to bring them the witches broomstick either. I hope all goes well with you getting that RN.
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    Dee Dee143, I am curious if you are still a member of the LVNL? I accessed their website today and did not get any info on the group that was very useful. I called the number listed under members for my region and it was answered by a voicemail for MaryKay cosmetics and a travel agency. I called Sacramento and talked with a lady that was not very helpful.

    Maybe this is why there are not many members?? I have googled LVN associations many times and this is the 1st time I was able to access their webiste. If you are a member, can you give me a little insight about the organization. I am in the Southern California area. You can also private message me if you like.

    Thanks for your help.
  7. by   NCalLVN
    I recently stumbled on this org while on the web. I was surprised to find 58th annual convention this year practically at my back door. Tried to call with no return phone call. Mgr would have given day off to attend if I could register. I have been LVN for 20 yrs and union member. This group has an opportunity to organize LVNs into a collective force if interested, I would love to support an org that promotes and protects the LVN practice. I spoke with no less than a dozen of my co-workers (all working LVNs in Ca) not one was aware this group existed.