Returning To the RN Program After Dropping Out

  1. Hello, everyone. I had to drop out of the RN program last year because of stress and burnout. The stress was bad enough to cause my grades to suffer. I had to do something. My husband was paying all the bills, my car started to act up and I got another one, my refrigerator went out & I got another one, & then my husband had to have surgery. Well, thanks to my Lord and Savior, everything is back on track in my life. My husband successfuly had his surgery. I'm an LVN so I worked to get everything caught up.

    My question is, "Has anyone ever had to drop out of the RN program and returned a little later?" And how hard was it to get accepted back in?
    I attend a junior college in Texas. I'm really ready to go back.

    Thanks for all future responses,

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  3. by   caliotter3
    I know of one woman who was forced to drop out of an RN program d/t pregnancy. She was promised a seat in the next class. However, when she returned to school, they would not place her back in the RN class, but instead told her she could enter the LPN class and finish with them. A definite case of lack of integrity on the part of the school (assuming she was telling the truth about the matter).
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I dropped out the second week of my second semester becasue a family member was dx with terminal cancer. I reapplied to get back in and I was successful. They are more likely to let you back in if you write a letter to the department head stating that you would like to get back in and state the reason you dropped out briefly. In my school if their are seats in the seemster you need to get back in they take preference for students who dropped out for family issues over those that just dropped out or who failed. Give it a shot, it was worth it for me!

  5. by   roro13us
    Thanks swtooth for your reply. Keep me in your prayers, okay? Pray that I will be starting in Summer II (July).

  6. by   pagandeva2000
    I would think that it would not be an issue as long as you didn't leave the situation in an ugly way. Most people I know were able to do it, and one had to wait for a year. Did you provide or do you have documentation of your husband's surgery? Where your grades okay? I don't need an answer personally, but some schools may wish to know the student's academic standing. Glad things have settled down, and I wish you the best!