Question about Per Diem

  1. If you work per diem for a nursing home, how often do you work?
    Is it up to you or the facility and do they get upset if you turn down work?
    I was offered a per diem position at a facility, but I only want to work part time right now and was wondering
    if the hours would be mainly up to me.
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  3. by   itsmyturn
    PRN goes like this:

    they call you when they need you.
    You can work or turn them down.
    If you turn them down, they can choose to no longer call you.
    And, LTC prn work probably won't be part-time.
  4. by   Lexxie
    As per diem at my old facility, you were required to work 24 hours in a quarter (this included a weekend) as well as a major and a minor holiday - if needed. I don't believe that they were very strict with this rule though.