Question about California NclexPn

  1. Since in California LVNs generally can't touch the IV at all, I've been told that there are NO IV flow or drop factors questions on the Nclex PN test in this state. I'm trying to help someone study for the exam and need to hear from those who have actually taken the test recently that this is true so I can focus on other calculations.

    Thanks All
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The NCLEX-PN is, in reality, a national exam. In other words, test takers in California receive questions from the exact same test bank as test takers in the other 49 states. The NCLEX in California is no different than the ones taken in other locations across the country. None of the NCLEX-PN tests offered anywhere in the U.S. will feature questions on IV calculations, since that is generally out of the LPN/LVN scope of practice (unless you are certified in IV therapy).

    The only thing you need to worry about are the regular dosage calculations that do not involve IV drip factors.
  4. by   marge95050
    soo true! I got 4-5 Dosage & Calc. questions but simple one's not IV flow rate type. I got like a dozen of Med's questions & about a 8 select all that apply. I dont remember any maternity/burns related question. took the exam last Sept. 11. My test stopped @ 85 & spent like 2hrs on it. I will know my result in 3-4wks time..