1. I found a great job i love doing prior auths which has regular hours, weekends off and time to study for my masters. So from sept through last week i have done nothing but prior auths. Then all of a sudden there is a new requirement for lpns in order to keep our jobs. We must be competent in phlebotomy, despite not using it whatsoever in our positions. I have not drawn since 2009. My nursing jobs from 09 to 17 had lab techs draw the blood. You dont use it, you lose it . Well we had one day of lab protocols. The 2nd day was drawing ppl. 3rd day is test.i drew 40 ppl. Out of 40 ppl i missed 5. I thought that was not so bad for not having drawn blood for so long. Wrong. It was a Fail. I get a retest. I must draw from 9am to 4 pm tomorrow without missing one stick. Is this doable or is this just a way to get rid of lpns? Maybe they hired too many lpns to do prior auths and need a way to weed us out. I am so stressed. I loved this job, thought it was too good to be true. I was right. Any tips to get a draw every time is appreciated. My job depends on it.
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  3. by   Archerlpvn
    Sounds like a way to weed people out.. im so sorry that's happening to you
    Sounds terrible. And I'm with you, 35/40 sticks is awesome for not having performed phlebotomy in so many years! I couldn't stick a gardenhose nowadays haha! Do your best, and start looking for new work... good luck to you. Keep us updated.
  4. by   historylovinglpn
    Well, got through the morning with zero misses. Now being told for the afternoon i will not only be graded on my phlebotomy competency but customer satisfaction. I cannot have more than 2 ppl waiting or its a fail. I also have to run the lab myself this afternoon. Urines, throat cultures spinning tubes down, stock, clean...all the while making sure no more than two ppl are waiting and staying on top of the lab. I thought after i got through this morning that i could actually do this. But now instead of concentrating on just getting my venipuncture technique right, i am being rushed. Wish me luck. Even with no missed, if 3 ppl are sitting down waiting....i am fired
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    any updates?
  6. by   caliotter3
    In comparing prior authorization work to drawing blood, I would have to agree that this is an excellent way to rid themselves of unwanted employees without having to incur any unemployment payouts.