Patinet Nurse Ratio Lvn Vs. Rn

  1. I Am An Lvn That Works On A Busy 36 Bed Med-surg Unit. Me And My Fellow Lvn's Noticed That The Majority Of The Time We Have 6 Patients And The Rn's Have 5.

    Patient Acuity Is The Same. Being Assigned Pt Needing Blood Transfusions Or Patinets With Central Lines Isn't Even Considered.

    Also 2 Other Nurses And I Are Preceptors On The Floor. We Are All Lvn's And We Are Training Rn's To Do Their Job!

    Opinions and insight would be greatly apreciated!
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  3. by   nursesaideBen
    Me personally, I would take it with a grain of salt. Now if the LPN's were taking 6 or 7 pts a pop while the RN's were taking 4 without acuity, blood inf., central lines, etc being taken into consideration then I might would think something fishy was going on. If you really feel there is negativity towards you and your fellow LPN's I would suggest either discussing it with your charge nurse or NM. But I really would just take it with a grain of salt
  4. by   BigB
    i had 47 patients as an lvn. Of course I left that LTC job running, but the ratios don't seem to apply to lvn's like they do rn's.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I notice you're an LVN (not LPN). Here is my next question: are you in California or Texas?

    If you are in California, then the legally mandated nurse-patient ratios specify that RNs are to have no more than 5 patients in the hospital setting.
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    When our hospital used to have LPN's in it, the RN's had less patients because they had to cover the LPN's with the things that were out of their (LPN's) scope of practice. I think that makes sense.