Orientation, what orientation!!

  1. I am a Dec. grad, and started my first ever nursing job this week 11-7 in LTC. My first two days were spent on paperwork, videos, etc. on day shift, no real hands on orientation whatsoever. My third day I went on 11-7, for what I was under the impression would be the beginning of my actual orientation to the job. Well, a nurse called out, so that left me and one other nurse, who by the way has only been in this facility a few months herself to handle 115 residents including several tube feeders. I did all the tubing changes, flushes, and bolus feeds myself and did the accuchecks. Basically, I just did what I could to help out hoping that the next night would be better and I'd get to shadow the nurse to get a feel of what my job will be like and to have a chance to ask questions about the residents. HA! Got there last night, a different nurse was on, but again we were the only two. She had me count the narcotics on two carts, and presto! I'm on my own and responsible for the care of 57 residents. She gives me tubing and formula (I hadn't even been told where this was stored, LOL) and tells me to go change the tubing and hang new formula for three residents, plus give two bolus feeds. When I finally get a chance to look at the MAR for my TWO carts I realize I'm 30 minutes late on a med, so when I tell the other nurse that I'm feeling overwhelmed and not ready to take on the two carts myself because I'm suppose to be in orientation, she gets all snippy and says "I'll just do it myself". which is not what I intended. I wanted us to do the entire facility together, that way I'd see how things are done, and could pick up a few pointers from her while learning a little about the residents. It was a horrible night that ended with a patient falling. I'm ready to quit and I haven't even really started yet. I guess I've vented all this, but what I really want to know, is could someone tell me what I should have been expecting as far as orientation goes? What is the LEAST acceptable orientation for a new nurse? BTW I expected to be one of only two nurses on 11-7 AFTER my orientation, but not during. What I'm feeling is that there is no orientation for me.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I don't think this is where you really want to work, is it?? They are certainly taking advantage of you. If you let this continue, you are only going to be more frustrated and exhausted. I would have the DON and administrator in a meeting and let them know that my expectation is that I have XXXX amount of orientation and during that time, I WILL NOT be counted as staff. This is for the safety of the residents as well as your own safety. I know its hard being assertive, but this is a situation where you absolutely must be...good luck!
  4. by   tonicareer
    Sounds too risky for me. Time to get that resume made and look for a new job pronto. Make sure you line up something and can give a 2 week notice. There has to be something better than that place. Chances are they will end up getting into trouble with those ratios. I am surprised they haven't been reported.
  5. by   Mandylpn
    Hi, i am a new grad also, I recently started at a ltc facility. I am shadowing with another LPN for a couple of weeks. My director told me I could take as long as I needed (to feel comfortable) with my orientation. I have an actual check list I am to go through. I can't believe your situation. Sounds like you handled things very well considering.
  6. by   LPNandLUVINIT?
    I had a similar experience, I've been a nurse for 5 months now, I had two days of orientation then was pulled to a different wing and let loose. I don't know how this can be safe. I have a friend that works for GM who says when they pull staff there quality goes down. Now put that into the world of nursing, getting put with patients you don't know, how can quality of care stay good?? I just don't get how administration thinks this is ok.
  7. by   Blackcat99
    Welcome to the wonderful world of LTC nursing. At one of my LTC jobs I received a one hour orientation and then was given the keys and was expected to be the LPN charge nurse. Unfortunately, situations like you described seem to happen a lot even to brand new LPN's. It's a disgrace. :angryfire
  8. by   LadyFree28
    :uhoh21: I cannot believe the stories I am hearing! As a new grad lining up potential employers, I can take your experinces into consideration and make sure my entry into nursing is as successful as possible....:uhoh21:
  9. by   LPN01112005
    Well, I didn't make it at that facility. I went ahead and resigned before I let it go any further. However, I immediately got another job in LTC also on 11-7, I've spent 4 nights following another nurse, tonight will be my 5th, and I will begin pushing my own med cart Sunday night. There will be another, more experienced nurse with me in the facility who will serve as a reference if I need it. So, I don't feel like I'm being thrown to the wolves. At my present facility, I could have up to 10 days shadowing, and if I had been on days where the med push is a lot more complex, then I'd probably have taken advantage of it.
  10. by   Born2BAnurse
    Ive had a similar problem.. I start at a LTC facility and the first day I did paper work for HR and the following day they but me on a wing during the day &am to 3pm and I was to be oriented by a nurse but she seemed as though she didnt want to be bother. By the middle of the day I was shipped around to several different nurses all teaching me there way, and just wasnt interested in training me they told me that It would slow them down... I was SOOO FRUSTRATED!!! my 3rd day of work I got into a car accident about 5 mins from my job and thank god i wasnt hurt but my car was totalled.. I used my accident and told them I would not return... Im a new Nurse and It was Very scary to me.. as to how they just did care much for trainging and are willing to throw you to the wolves!!! I said you know what I know I can find another job... I cant but my license at risk dealing with these people... Its not worth it..
  11. by   CHPN1680
    I am glad to hear that you are in a better job situation now. Don't ever let anyone coerce you into doing something that feels unsafe or risky. It is your license and the patient's lives we are talking about here. Once you sign the narcotic count and accept those keys, the floor is yours. Refuse to do it if things are unsafe. Better to lose a job than your license or put a patient at risk.

    I wish you great success. Stick to your principles and follow you intuition.