obviously pregnant and need a job

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a fairly new member. I graduated nursing school in August and with moving to a new state and taking the naked and some computer glitch, my license didn't become active until early November last year. I started looking for work as soon I received notice that my license was active.

    I got an interview with a pain management clinic and while I thought I was a shoe in for the job (the NM seemed to really like me) the NM called me a week later and said that position went to an MA... it was pretty frustrating but the NM ended up offering me a part time position as the triage nurse. I took it really thinking, this is probably the best I can do so I should at least try to get my foot in the door and hopefully make my resume look more appealing with an actual nurse job on it.

    I was pretty far into my first trimester when I accepted the offer but I didn't say anything cause it was part time. Well, literally 3 days into training for this new job the NM called me into her office and said the MA training me says I seem to miss my son (I have a two year old who's in daycare full time. She asked if I had kids and then she wanted to see pics so I showed her. I had no clue that meant I missed my son so much that I can't get through the day). Anyway, I explained that of course I miss my child but he would go to daycare whether I came here to work or not. I didn't want him to get so used to being home that it becomes an issue with him at daycare when I find a decent job. That didn't stop her from bumping me down from part time to PRN.

    I immediately started looking for work and still didn't mention my pregnancy. I was so unhappy there. I asked every day I worked when I'd be able to have the responsibility of an actual LPN. Everyone else thought I was new MA that came to replace one of the others so a few of the other MAs refused to even speak to me. Fast forward to last Monday. I get a call from the NM, she said she'd still like to keep me on PRN but they wouldn't be needing me again until MAYBE March!!

    It really hurts that I'm having such a hard time finding work. I kept putting in resumes and I finally got an interview with this place that I've been trying to get into for a while (since I was a CNA) well now I'm 4 months along and obviously showing. It's a fast paced skilled facility, way closer to my home than this PRN position and the pay is higher. The schedule is also exactly the way it would work out best for my family.

    I went to this interview anyway (yesterday) and as soon as she asked me about myself, I let the DON know I am pregnant. I mean, if she didn't see my belly when I walked into her office she was blind. But I explained to her that I'm still very active-- having a 2yo doesn't really give me time to just kick back... even on the days he's in daycare I still work out and keep busy. She went on to share with me that she almost delivered both her sons while she was a staff nurse on that same unit. It made me feel a little better that she didn't shoe me away right after I said that.

    She took me on a tour of "one of the units I'll be assigned to if I'm hired" and we discussed "what I color scrubs I need to wear if I work there" . We also discussed salary, that's how I found out the pay is higher than what I currently make. She told me she prefers hiring new grads (another plus for me) and I told her that I will definitely work until I deliver, even if I went into labor on my shift- my hospital is super close to this place. She told me her only concern would be if I would be able to keep up, being that I'm pregnant and I may tire out quickly compared to a non pregnant applicant. I understand that concern but I feel that I would be more determined to work and be an efficient nurse not only because I'm a new grad and super anxious to use my hard earned skills but being pregnant with my 2nd child, we definitely need the extra income. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize my livelihood. I told her all of this.

    The interview lasted just over 30 min (maybe 40) and we discussed my skills and what I could bring to the facility as an individual. At the end she gave me her card, let me know there were other interviews and she would be calling me with an answer in the next 2 weeks. Then she corrected herself and said I'd hear from her in a couple of days and if two weeks went by and I had not heard from her, to please call or email her and she gave me her card. I came straight home and wrote a thank you note and put it in the mail....

    I'm so nervous now. I feel that mentioning my pregnancy messed up my chance at this job I really want. .. but I'm showing and I didn't want to be dishonest and give her or the staff a bad impression of me. What do you all think? Do you think I have a chance at this place based on what I just told you? I'm just getting really discouraged and being a new grad, stopping the job search until after baby isn't going to look good on my resume. I don't have any real paid experience as it is...Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   megan215
    Sorry everyone!!! It's a long post and I sent it from my phone... I spaced my paragraphs but I guess it didn't work. Thank you for reading still
  4. by   Esme12
    ((HUGS)) Sounds like you are really in the running for the second job. They can't discriminate against you for being pregnant. This first place is WAY out of line!!!!
  5. by   megan215
    Thanks Esme12!!!! I'm really hoping and praying this DON doesn't look at my pregnancy as something that is gonna make me an unworthy candidate. I mean, she could be interviewing a non pregnant nurse who thinks she's just gonna go in and boss around the CNAs all day while she sits on the internet.... I WANT to work! I'll only planning to be out for the 6 weeks it rakes for my Dr to give me the ok to go back. Honestly I'd have to lose a leg during delivery to not go back to work after my baby is born!!! I'm still so nervous though.
  6. by   CrunchRN
    Honesty is the best way. Not like they aren't going to notice!
  7. by   megan215
    Oh, and thanks for spacing my paragraphs too!!
  8. by   megan215
    Exactly the way I feel crunchRN!! I'm short and I show really quickly anyway! I hate to seem fake or sneaky, this is a place I could see myself working for maybe 4-5 years or longer.... I want to ultimately get my MSN so my next step will be going for my RN and BSN hopefully I can stay there through all of that. This place just seems like everything I thought it would be.
  9. by   CrunchRN
    I hope you get it. Back in the day when I did hiring I would have overlooked pregnancy if I thought you were a keeper.
  10. by   Esme12
    Quote from CrunchRN
    I hope you get it. Back in the day when I did hiring I would have overlooked pregnancy if I thought you were a keeper.
    me too!
  11. by   megan215
    Thank you both soooo much!!! If you did hire me you would not be sorry at all!!!!
  12. by   xoemmylouox
    Your first employer is a joke, unless of course you cannot seem to focus because of missing your son. I would say being honest about your situation is good, especially if you cannot hide it. Telling them how eager you are to start work due to being a new grad is great as well. Good luck!
  13. by   megan215
    Thanks xoemmylouox and haha I can totally work without any obsession of my son. Of course I love my kid to bits but I want my career and I don't see a reason why I can't be a mother and a nurse. I really think that MA set me up to get let go... when they found out I was an LPN another MA revealed to me that she was ****** when she first saw me cause she thought someone was getting fired and she was worried it would her... I was told I'd be "helping out" when all I ever did was wander the office. I really hope this second job calls me back.
  14. by   megan215

    I called HR at the facility headquarters (I guess?? I live in VA and this lady is in PA) to see if I could get an interview with the facility in a different location. She just called to let me know that the DON at the place I want emailed her to let her know that she's checking my references and if they're all positive then she'll extend an offer!!!!! OMG I'm so nervous now!!! I'm really ready to hear a yes or no soon (but I'm really hoping yes!!) Pray for mr please everyone!!!!!! I will update again whichever way it turns out!!!