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My husbands grandfather was in the hospital today..and when the took his pulseox it was 95 - his breathing was labored- and noted as labored by the triage nurse, and upon listening to his lungs he... Read More

  1. by   DutchgirlRN
    Our protocol is to start O2 if the sat falls below 92%. If the sat was 98% and his breathing was labored it was time for a resp tx. 98% is a result to be very happy about. Most smokers can't hold 98%.
  2. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I had a hemodialysis pt w/ COPD experience acute chest pain while on tx. He was on 02 a 2 l,. One of my interventions was to turn his 02 up to 5. My nm got all hysterical saying "You'll kill him!"

    But, I've always been taught to turn up 02 during episodes of cp, and that this is ok for COPDers, as long as you don't give them more than 6 lpm.

    And.....when I worked hospice we had many COPDers on 15 lpm of 02, and they lived for months(AxO) like that.