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So, I'm waiting on the results of my NCLEX exam to come in. I'm praying to god it all went well.. i'm not sure how to feel about it honestly. Anyhow I completed my LPN program in Orlando, Florida... Read More

  1. by   traveljunkie

    Go for it! Follow your heart. Don't be afraid to move to NYC. Everyone has a different path. Yours is yours to walk alone!!!! Line up some interviews... Safe Travels.
  2. by   LongislandRN23
    I live and work on Long Island (20 min from queens) and I work full time in a nursing home for $25/hour. I'm in the union as well. The cost of living here is insane!! My small tiny apartment is 400 sq feet and I pay $1000/month and my own electric and cable. I'm sure in orlando $1000 would get me a whole lot more!

    50,000/Year after taxes, rent, car payment, groceries = nothing!!

    Back to the issue at hand- Nyc/NY metro area is really hard to find a job in anything especially nursing. You need to network, go door to door with your resume, mail your resume in the mail to all nursing homes, dialysis centers,, ect even if they are not advertising any openings (that's how I got my job right out of school). Even if job postings online say expierenced required send your resume and apply anyway. Also I think it unwise to move anywhere without a job solidified. I mean you don't want to waste money or your savings on rent and have to move back bc you couldnt get a job. Good luck!!
  3. by   JWEMT
    I personally recommend starting work where you live if you are more familiar with the job market. For me it took 3 days to find a job 3 yrs ago but the market is getting tougher. and right now is when all nyc grads starts looking for job. Once you get a job there is no problem. Apply everywhere and accept anything. 1 month experience is better than none.
  4. by   Masiel
    Im so sorry about the super mega late reply... but i went to MedTech up in East Orlando pretty much across the road from UCF
  5. by   Masiel
    Thank you for your input and also taking the time to reply... luckily (no offense) im not going to be in the same situation you're in since we already own an apt in NYC and the rent isn't much concern at the given moment unless i just wanna spend money and find a new place.
    Regardless, what i'm mainly looking for is any way to be a bit ahead of the game but i guess that all makes sense Thank you again
  6. by   LongislandRN23
    If you have an apt and don't need to pay rent then what's the big deal that wouldve been your biggest expense. If you have your LPN license than you might as well spend your time looking and applying to jobs rather than spend the time and resources to get ahead of the game. The only thing potential employers would care about is medical expierence and if they find you a good fit. Spending time to get certifications/ as a volounteer prob won't do much
  7. by   Masiel
    So what am i supposed to live on... air an saliva till I find a job god knows when? on top of that there are general expenses, phone bill to get contacted by employers, internet to apply for jobs, food to NOT DIE, utility payments i mean like i think it would be nice to have electricity and not live like im in a thirdworld country. I'm just saying. No one would want to be unemployed to begin with but thank you for letting me know about the whole volunteering thing.
  8. by   poonamsingh815
    I am also planning on moving to nyc after I get ny lpn license and I been looking for jobs everywhere mayb even though u are not in nyc yet maybe you should start sending your resume to different places in nyc already and should let the employer know that you are relocating to nyc I really think its a good idea if u know u will have a job already there b4 you go to nyc....or maybe save up some money that will last u atleast couple of months while you are in nyc n looking for a job
  9. by   Masiel
    so far ive saved 5 grand and am putting my car up for sale before i leave JUST to have extra money cuz i didnt just want to walk in to the city and be like.. clueless/lost/and broke..
    best of luck to you on your adventure keep me posted on how its going for you!
  10. by   marla23112
    You may want to start contacting nurse recruiters and agencies to get a feel for which one hires new grads.