not so sure about nursing anymore???

  1. a few months ago i wasnt sure if i still wanted to do nursing or try something else in the medical field. but i decided on nursing and i just applied to a lpn program around my house. now im starting to feel like nursing might not be for me. i love medical things and studying anatomy and stuff because it interests me, but i dont know now if i can see myself being a nurse a few years from now. so for those of you that do know thats want you want to do, how did you know it was right for you? i am just wondering that i thought thesalary of a nurse influenced my decision more. and since i am second guessing nursing, now i'm thinking about going to aveda institute for cosmetology, and probaly wont make that much, but i enjoy that sort of thing. i tried telling my bf and mom about it, and they think its a bad idea, and sort of the easy way through life, like i am just being lazy. any advice would be greatly appreciated. am i just bored maybe with school and its just a phase or is my mind trying to tell me something. :/

    my options are finish nursing school, and then go to aveda afterwards, if its still something i want to do. or go to aveda now and if end up not enjoying it as much as i thought ,go back and finish nursing school. either way it would take me about a year.

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  3. by   couldntbhappier
    Hi! I'm not sure that I can really offer you any solid advice - I just wanted to let you know that I kind of understand how you are feeling right now. Today was my second day in CNA classes & it is WEARING ME OUT! Naturally, I'm second guessing my plans to go into nursing. I think that in my situation, I'm just a little bit afraid. It's all very overwhelming to me. I've never worked in Healthcare before & the facility that I am taking classes at - wow, is it ever busy!!! After class today, I hopped on the computer & started browsing through some of the other programs being offered at the community college. I'm really GLAD that I'm doing the CNA thing before going on to be an LPN. It's just a bit much, right now, for my poor sensitive brain! Long story short - I think that to some people, nursing school can be quite intimidating. Don't be discouraged. Maybe think about it for a little bit - if after thinking about it for awhile, you decide nursing is NOT for you - then so be it. Not everybody is cut out to be everything & I wouldn't worry too much about what others say if you change your mind. Of course, that's always easier said than done. =)
  4. by   lacnola
    thank. i think you are right, i am just going to try and stick it out some more, ive come this far right. and if i still dont want to do it, then oh well. how's CNA classes going? i thought about doing the CNA program first, then the LPN, but i just applied to the LPN anyway haha.
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    There is nothing wrong with pursuing both, a cosmetology license as well as nursing (as long as it is not done simultaneously). This way you can have a variety of life in case one thing does bore or burn you out. I am thinking about taking courses in health insurance or health management, in case nursing eventually tires me out. Bottom line is that you have to do what is best for you, not anyone else.
  6. by   BigB
    nursing is such a flexible feild that you could work as a nurse partime and a cosmotologist at the same time. Go with what makes you feel happier. $$$$$ does not equal happiness. A lot of nurses (I belive 1 in 4 ) leave the profession of nurses completely within the first 3 years of employement. It is not for everyone.
  7. by   missi_71
    I say do what your heart tells you to do, its not all about money! If you are not happy at your job you arent going to stay anyway, or you are going to not care and just go through the motions and you definitly dont want to do that in nursing when there are lifes at stake.

    I say sit back weigh the pros and cons and decide what will make YOU happy, not everyone else around you. Good Luck