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Hi- I am so discouraged. I grad in June, NCLEX in Aug. I am having trouble finding a job. I really want to work in an assisted living(brand new)...went for one interview and was called back for a... Read More

  1. by   destiny5
    I just got a job. I graduated in Aug 06 as an LPN. On my first interview, I went to a LTC facility. Prior to going I had a phone conversation with the DON which sounded promising. She told me to come in fill out an application and afterwards she would interview me. When I got there the ADON came over & asked me a few questions after giving me a once over & appearantly being unimpressed (I gathered by the look on her face)--It wasn't going well--she was skimming through my resume & application and stating things that wasn't there because she was skimming & not reading it, then getting irritated when I was correcting her by telling her what my credentials were--new grad, ect.... So then the DON comes over to meet me--a very pleasant lady---& guess what. The ADON interrupted her & said " I was explaining to her that we weren't doing actual interviews today, we are just gathering preliminary information today & we'll give her a call for an interview". (Which she wasn't explaining to me, by the way) I was soooo pissed. She blocked my interview because she didn't like me or had some type of other agenda. I was thinking- Well I guess you forgot to tell my two friends who got hired "on the spot" by the DON that you weren't doing interviews..
    ---I am almost positive if the DON had come out first, the outcome would have been different.
    Discouraged & obviously upset, picked (dragged) myself up & called every LTC facility within 25 miles of me. I sent out resumes and I visited a few every day & the calls started coming in. One nursing home hired me on the spot. So I am saying "Dont let the nay sayers get to you. Your job is out there. If they said no, that just means you haven't found it yet. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!
  2. by   destiny5
    Oh, I forgot to mention -- The first nursing home offered $17.50 ( I accepted) but.... I got a better offer $18.75 plus 6 weeks of preceptorship (in LTC)....I couldn't pass it up. That much training for a new grad is worth gold.
  3. by   CHATSDALE
    dot getting thru school was no picnic so don't let some problems now get you down...if the place you work now is associated with a hospital see if they can help is hard getting a job in nursing if you can't work w/e or certain shifts but it is not impossible...check with clinics and md offices
    if you stay with it you will find your job