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I graduated in May 2006..Then recieved my license in October 2006..In November 2006, I got my first job..Well, this job, there were a lot of things that went wrong..I do not want to go into detail... Read More

  1. by   linzz
    Hey Bala Shark, I just read your post again and here I am sort of in your situation. I am working at this retirement home and I am in charge of 75, yes that's right, 75 residents, about half of them are really LTC but there are no LTC beds available in Bangladesh, whoops I mean Canada. So my point is that I too can't keep up, I am having to start early and stay over and I am still in orientation which they have extended because I am not ready to be on my own. I am suppossed to do all sorts of other things but it is all I can do to get the meds and treatments done. I am certain that I will be let go. I am a new grad and honestly this place is not a place to start. The last two nurses before me left and now the night nurse is leaving. It is crazy. So now there is only two LPN's and the day RN's. I may quit before they fire me. I am just so depressed about nursing in general. So you are not the only one.
  2. by   jelorde37
    you know whats kinda funny, in nursing school we couldnt wait to be a nurse, when we graduated and got a job, we dont wanna work, but when we dont work we feel stagnant and wanna work...

    just a little thought that another lvn and I were talking about.
  3. by   dimplez
    Quote from nurseangel47
    Greater things await you! Just chalk it up to experience in general in the working world of nursing....many places are eager for good nurses....if you're than conscientious about patient/nurse ratios, you'll find a proper facility that will appreciate your looking out for the pts. best interests! GOOD LUCK TO YOU IN THE RENEWED JOB SEARCH! You'll find something better in the not too distant future. Keep your chin up! And remember, with only two months at the place you just left, you don't have to list them as a reference seeing as how you're a "new" nurse!
    Great Advice....I just got fired yesterday and I am a new nurse....its crazy out here.....when I was in school I didn't think it would be like this....still trying to keep it positive tho!