New grad lpn relocating

  1. I just passed my NCLEX this week!!! YAY
    I'm currently living in Michigan, and I have a job offer already. However, I'm really looking to relocate to another state in the Midwest or Northeast. I love the four seasons!

    Of course rse I'm worried about compensation. The position that has been extended to me pays well $28.50. I'm wondering if compensation for new graduates in other states are along the lines of here in Michigan? I would appreciate any positive information!
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    What you really want to know is whether the pay to cost of living ratio will afford you a comfortable lifestyle. Boston pay may be higher, but the cost of living is a whole lot more. Take a look at Zillow or and see how the rent in your area compares to the rent in other areas you're considering, and then research the starting pay in those locations. That will tell you a lot more than just knowing the pay.
  4. by   inthecosmos
    It depends where you're going. LPN compensation is not great in NC.