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  1. Up until this test I felt so confident of my ability to pass boards. Now, I feel DUMB. I don't feel like I knew a darn answer!!! They were nearly ALL either med questions or which patient would you see first questions and select all that apply. I know most people leave thinking they failed, but seriously, I am pretty sure I did!!! You wouldn't guess by how I feel now that I was third in my class and had the highest LPN assess test score. I felt like that was a great indicator of how I might possibly do. And, of course, my LIppencot's did diddly squat in prepping me. I was getting awesome scores on my practice test questions, and felt like I hadn't just spent a year in school when I sat down and took my real one today.
    I did my best to reason through and do "critical thinking"-ah!
    What are the odds of failing when it does turn off at 85? Do most pass on that number or is it pretty even? I was kind of told if you failed at that number then you did pretty lousy. I don't know that mine was THAT bad, but bad enough. It isn't even about failing, more so about the embarrassment of it. My two good friends in my class were 1 and 2 in the class-they both were shut off at 85 and passed. One girl who was pushing last in the class and struggled all year (even retook the LPN assess test) has passed as well, though I have no idea when hers turned off. I know I shouldn't sit here and be so hard on myself but I can't help it. I work in a hospital already with people who have been pulling for me since I got into nursing in 1998. All saying I was meant for this, a natural nurse, so intelligent. now I feel dumb. Maybe I don't need "answers" as much as I need to vent. My mom is an RN where I work too-I just couldn't show up not passing. I can't imagine getting stripped of my worked so hard for GPN title.
    Well, thank you for listening. I have to wait until atleast Tuesday afternoon for the internet results. I worked today and will work thru Thursday. THis will be a tough week for me.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I hope you pass. Please keep us posted.
  4. by   Miss SubQ
    Mel1977 I know what your going through. I'm going through the same thing. Its a good thing you get your results quick. Here in CA we get it in 2-4 weeks. I just recently took my boards also. Thinking i was going to do good because of the scores i've been getting on my practice test and this mock nclex test they offered at school. My test also shut off at 85. So good luck to us both. Keep us informed. I'm sure you did good.
    *In another thread i read that 89% people that stop at 85 pass.*

    Good luck to you Mel1977
  5. by   mel1977
    thank you all!!!! AND, good luck to everyone else as well. Man, if I had known I'd have to wait two business days, I would have scheduled this for a MOnday and not a Sat!! OH well. Yes, very lucky that we find out quickly. If I didn't get online and check I'd wait maybe a week or so for it to come in the mail. There is a number we can call, but I have heard it is not working.
    I didn't think about it too much today-just a couple more days to go. I'll let you know as SOON as I do!
  6. by   EricJRN
    Are you not in a Quick Results state? I took mine on Sat and had Quick Results available on Mon morning.