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I'm in WIs and currently enrolled in an LPN course out of Minnesota to get my LPN lisc. bac. It is an old fashioned paper and pencil course with no interaction, feedback or monitoring...or assignment... Read More

  1. by   HazelLPN
    Fifteen years is a long time to be out of nursing. I remember back in the late 1990s when I was semi retired and working very part time. I went on vacation to England with my children and grandchildren and didn't work for two months. When I came back to work, I honestly felt like I needed orientation again, and I had been a nurse for over 40 years at the time. When I was gone, we got a new computerized charting system, the IV pumped changed, the monitors changed....and I was taking care of a transfer from hem/onc who was on deaths door...I still have nightmares about that first weekend back after being gone for so long. Some things need to be done in person to do it right. Virtual or correspondence courses are only good if you wish to care for virtual or correspondence patients, IMHOBest to you,Mrs H.
  2. by   JasonValentine
    I'm sorry you were so confused and uncertain as to your ability to keep up with changes. I do appreciate the insult though. Between that and the inference that I'm in prison I'm ticked off enough to just
    "Git-er done"
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  3. by   HazelLPN
    Oh I wasn't confused or unable to keep up with the changes. Its just hard to adjust to new monitors, computerized charting and pumps while you are caring for a 1:1 kid who needs an airway, lines and then are on multiple drips that you have to titrate every time you turn your back. Most people learn these things in a workshop or in the skills lab while they can focus on learning vs caring for a very critically ill patient at the same time. Besides, when you are away from anything for a while, you get rusty. As for the you being in prison comment, that wasn't me and am a bit puzzled why it was made. Did they not like your picture? Well shame on them, you're a nice looking young man. Did they wish to create a fantastic story? Perhaps it gives them something to dream about. Pay it no mind. I wasn't being insulting, and with all due respect you yourself stated that it wasn't working for you and I don't think it would work for anyone very well. Nursing changes very rapidly. You probably already know that. The best way to do a refresher is in person where you can do more than just read. These correspondence courses have been around a long time and what they mainly do is take your money and leave you frustrated. However, you paid the money. Nothing you can do, it has to run its course now. However, what you can still do is when you take that clinical part...that is your key. Get to know the director of nursing or a nurse manager or someone in the education department and ASK them what would be the best way back into nursing after an absence. When you show interest and make relationships with people is when you start to form professional contacts and that's how folks have always gotten jobs. Again, no insults here, just direct and honest advice to do as you please. Best to you, Mrs H.
  4. by   JasonValentine
    Thank you for the most positive input I have had from posting on this site. This isn't the only thread where people have been less than helpful. My history is 15 years as an LPN, 4 as an Army Combat Medic. I'm 48, and 15 years ago, they though I had MS..I was paralyzed from the waist down. My ex decided to do something other than parenting and I was left with a 7 year old son who had a rare form of growth hormone deficient. He's fine, HGH shots were all that were needed but at the time it was all very unpleasant. I was basically alone...told by the schools and everyone else, to put him in a foster home and get a wheelchair. Heck my neurologist even advised that. I got a new neuro , duct taped my knees straight, got crutches and kept on going. Kids fine. 21 now..and 4 years ago this May..my last neuro goes "Guess what..you never had MS!" ...Transverse Myelitis. You'd think the young dufus was giving me a Christmas present. 12 years of treatment, gallbladder and liver shot to heck because of Beta interferons, *chuckles*...he honestly thought I was going to jump for joy. I can walk, but the pain from the nerve damage is just charming. I let my licence go because I thought I'd be on a vent by now. I keep fighting. And...yeah...this is frustrating, but I am determined I am going to make it. Doesn't matter how I get the licence. I'll make sure I get the experience.

    This course says it should take 80 hours to complete the theory section and that bothers me. Not to mention some of the comments made about this course have got me thinking.l I honestly do not have any other option at this point. But..the things they ask and the way it's run....it's bugged me for a while.
  5. by   Esme12
    I am sorry you have had a rough few years. You sound like a great human being and Dad. Many things have changed in the last few years. Even actively employed I felt like I was always playing catch up with the nest directive from the Joint Commission.

    Unfortunately......When you post in a public forum..... you can't anticipate nor control what people say and how they say it. If someone offends you report the post by using the yellow triangle and let the staff take care of it.....As per the Terms of Service.....
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    I am sorry you are experiencing this with your school.....unfortunately nursing has changed tremendously in the last 15 years. We have a nursing student section where you will find plenty of help...even if you aren't a "real student" Nursing Student Assistance

    I wish you the best.
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  6. by   Fiona59
    I'd be calling the school on a regular basis about my work. Every distance course I've ever taken has had a tutor with either on-line or telephone hours.

    So find out who it is that marks and evaluates your work and get chatting.