LVN grad in Californina, I just took state board test when do i know a result?

  1. Hi, All.
    I am a LVN grad and I just took my california state board on 04/15/2009. I took 85 questions and the computer was shut down. I called California state board request paying additional fee to get my result soon but they said i have to wait 4 weeks to 6 weeks. I went to "pearvon testing center" and I tried to retake my test again because I was not sure I pass or not; But this testing center does not allow me retake a test and computer just sent me a message " you had been taken an exam, contact your state board for futher information". What does it mean?
    I do not know that I should study more or I should search for jobs right now. Which directions should i need to do? I would like to get all comments, please, please, please. Thank you all.
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  3. by   Sensoria17
    I took the NCLEX on 4/6. I got the same message you did when I tried to register again. Supposedly this means you passed (see "PearsonVue trick" on NCLEX forum). Anyhow, I can't wait any longer and will start filling out applications this week. I think most places want you to have your license but I called a couple of places that said they do hire new grads awaiting results. Hopefully, I'll get my results in a couple of weeks. I think it will start to take longer and longer to get results because of the state's twice a month furloughs.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I, too, took my NCLEX for California several years ago.

    You will need to wait the 4 to 6 weeks for your results. There's no way around the waiting, since the state of California does not participate in the quick-results option. Good luck to you all.
  5. by   pink2blue1
    Took my LVN exacm in November 2006, it took me 9 days to get the results in the mail.
  6. by   carebearsrock
    Was that 9 days including weekends? Curious and anxious.