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  1. I've been trying to get a hold of the BVNPT all day and finally decided just to ask you all....

    Can I challenge the board even if I didn't pass the final for the last sem of the LVN program? I've completed clinical hours- the director of our program refuses to give us info- please advice... at this point I would rather challenge the board than to go back to the program.
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  3. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    I believe you have to graduate in order to sit for the boards. At least in Louisiana you do.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    You can challenge the LVN boards in California only if you were a medic in the military. Otherwise, you need to have completed a state-approved program of vocational nursing.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Go to the website of the BVNPT. There you will find the criteria to take the boards if you have military training (method 4) and the criteria if you have "equivalency" (method 3). If you have a combination of 51 months of paid bedside care experience and education, as well as meet the individual subject area requirements, including a pharmacology course (at least 54 hours), you can apply to sit for the boards. It's all explained on the website.