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I have been reading some posts where people are stating that as LPNs they are not allowed to medicate. This baffles me, because I am trying to imagine what the focus was in their nursing programs. ... Read More

  1. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    Quote from labvampire
    I am an LPN and work in an ER. I do assessments and give meds daily. I participate in all codes and get the meds for the RN to push by IV when she is busy, I do everything except push IV meds and hang blood. I can hand antibiotics if they are premixed. I take chest pains when they come into the ER, follow protocol, etc. I am unlimited to what I can do except the above mentioned. I put NG tubes in and check for placement. That's why the RN's prefer to have us there because unfortunately, even though CNA's work their butts off, they can't give meds and we don't use them in our ER. I wish we did, good CNA's are critical to healthcare. They are the ears and eyes for the nurses and should be treated with upmost respect!
    I do agree, the CNA's are vital part of the health care team. They should be treated with respect. But I feel that the reason why they're looked down upon is because of the extent of training ranges anywhere from 6 weeks-4 months. It is a short period of time, but one must also remember that as a CNA there are other courses that they can take to broaden their scope like Rehabilitation Aide course, EKG course, phlebotomy, and in some places there are Acute Care CNA classes that one can take. I haven't seen one in my area lately but I have in the past.
  2. by   LANNGRIFF
    I am an LPN and I know where I work I assess the patient and give medications as well as prn meds the only thing I can not do is take care of picclines and central lines or do any iv push.
  3. by   Scorpio,LPN
    Been that way in Iowa for a LONG time, they are CMA's here, but work under LPN or RN, however they have to ask one of us to sign off all the PRN meds BEFORE they give them.
  4. by   Scorpio,LPN
    Since when do they teach CNA's how to assess? Or change dressings? Or sterile techniques, so on and so forth!!!!! Many hospitals dont use LPN's Why? Because it's cheaper to have a CMA do meds than employ an LPN to do it. And I beg to differ as far as LPN's are not needed, WHY then is there such a cry for LPN's in smaller hospitals RN's dont want to work in? maybe when assessment and other skills are taught to CNA's LPN's wont be NEEDED but until then.......
  5. by   momtojosh
    does anyone think that sometime in the near future the hospitals or whoever will start to do a turn around in seeing how LPNS are of good value? I am sure there are others like me who just love what they do and it isnt all about the money.....i was a stay at home mom for 20yrs..went back to school and have been working for a yr now and just love it.....sometimes i think i would like to go on to be an RN....then that feeling goes away....so i will wait til LPNs do a come back....might not be in my lifetime..hehe.....but one can hope....

    i do all meds as well....even draw blood.....there are no cnas where i work....all LPNs with one RN supervisor who mainly does the paper work....never out on the floor.....she even asked me about some meds the other day.....me and LPN.....

    have a great all!!
  6. by   Bobylon
    Quote from hikernurse
    We do all meds, including PRN, except for IV push and hanging blood.
    Essentially the same here....we also can't hang magnesium, insulin, heparin. We need co-signs on certain meds (im hep, insulin), but co-sign can be another LPN. We're permitted to assess for prn meds (virtually always pain meds, it seems), but thorough assessment is done by RNs at the beginning of shift and as needed.
  7. by   SamiRN
    im confused. i give so many damn meds i wish someone would medicate me. thats all i do! (with the exception of IV push.) we are glorified pill pushers...