LPN wages in central Florida?

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    I graduated from Rasmussen in Florida about 6 months ago and now in the RN bridge program. I have a good job making decent money but when I start clinical it won't be easy. So I was going to start looking for a LPN job and was looking on what a true average wages were. And who pays the best.....home health...Alf...dr. Offices....clinics.... hospitals
    (if they hire LPN).
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  3. by   JR2017
    From my experience LPNs make less in Dr offices and most in Nursing homes/home health. NH you can expect to start around $16 as a brand new LPN. Hospitals usually dont hire LPNs. Good luck on your bridge program and job search.
  4. by   Andrea_black
    I'm currently an LPN and would like to matriculate to the RN program. How long is that program?
  5. by   NurseSherie
    LPNs in skilled nursing homes can expect 17-19 per hour in Central Florida.
  6. by   NurseSpeedy
    Quote from Andrea_black
    I'm currently an LPN and would like to matriculate to the RN program. How long is that program?
    Depends on where you go. After pre-requisites, about 12-18 months average
  7. by   NurseSpeedy
    LPNs in west central Florida wages:

    LTC-$20 something an hour. It was at least $20 over 15 years ago.

    MD office-if they use LPNs, usually a lot lower than most other opportunities. One large chain offered me $12/hr, but that was in 2006.

    Hospitals will only hire an LPN as a CNA/tech/nursing student role. From what I've heard these aren't that great either.

    I worked at an ALF a few years ago, over 12 years experience at the time and made $19/hr

    Home health-not sure on visits. Some companies pay by hour, some by visit. More are moving towards hourly rates which seems to make less if you are efficient with your time and paperwork. Not sure how much as it varies greatly between companies.

    Home health private duty- depending on the insurance company. Medicaid cases pay $15-16/hr. Have seen over $20 for others or private payer cases.

    Corrections pays well with good benefits I'm told. However, a couple years ago some students had to quit because they would no longer work with their school schedules.

    Personally, I worked home care private duty. I had a great case with a nice family. In my down time I could go over material for class which really helped me keep up with everything.