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  1. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering anyone has any good LPN training videos like the sticky on the CNA page? I did a search on here and didn't find any. I check Yahoo and Ebay with no luck. Have any of you tried any LPN videos either on the web or something you may have bought? If anyone knows of anything that might help I would really appreciate if you let me know. I am thinking of going to school to become an LPN. I have gone to a few collages to look into there programs. But I am stressed and I am doubting weather I can handle the classes. I am working on my GED right now.I need to re-take the math,but passes everything else. I have terrible spelling and math is not easy for me especial algebra . I know I can work hard and study, but I worry what if I don't get it. Then what?I think it would help me to see what I am in store for if I seen the class ahead of time. Thanks
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  3. by   MsLady06
    The school gives out training vids but only to the students. I've never heard of buying them online.
  4. by   para
    Thanks for the reply MsLady06. Do you know if I can get a LPN video from school by signing up for like an A&P class or do I have to wait till I start the LPN program.I have been out of school a while and I had to work so hard for my GED.It took me a year to pass 4 out of the 5 GED test. I need to re-take the math in March.I am so stresses and nervous I can not handle the courses and pre-reqs I will need to take. I am planing on taking a CNA class in a few moths to try to help me.
  5. by   MsLady06
    My school issued this DVD as a tester. It was something new they were trying out to see what we would remember from watching the DVD. They let us keep them but it was given towards the end of the program. They were considering making it a permanent thing. I cant guarantee your school will participate in this but it would not hurt to ask.
  6. by   para
    Thanks Again. I am looking at a collage Thursday and I will ask them if they offer videos. I think I will get a LPN book in the mean time.I think it will help eases my fears to get a preview of whats ahead of me.
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  8. by   JBirdAngel
    as im not an LPN or CNA or anything i dont know if this relates to what you are looking for, and it could very well be from this site that i got the link, but this has some clincial videos

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  9. by   butterfly26pn
    Please be careful about looking at lpn books before you get into school. I had a friend who went to nursing school before me and gave me her book before I started and when I looked though them I becamed really stressed, I didnt understand a lot of it and wondered if I could handle it. When you go to school they teach and it all comes together. Good luck to you and try to take it one day at a time!
  10. by   para
    Thanks for the links JBirdAnge, I think they will be very helpful.I like having a sneak peek and being able to see things before I will do them.

    Thanks for the warning and support butterfly26pn, I know all to well what you are talking about. I am trying to relax and take things as they come.Overall right now I am feeling a lot more better in my decision to become an LPN.