LPN trying to get into Dialysis

  1. I have been a LPN in the state of Florida for 1 and 1/2 years. I am currently attending a community college to be able to become qualified to take the boards for RN (but I am only doing my prerequisites right now). Ever since I went on a clinical rotation during LPN school to a dialysis unit, I always wanted to specialize in that field. I am having such a hard time trying to get hired by companies because, as an LPN, they want you to have dialysis experience. But how can you get experience if you can't get hired? My question is what should I do to get started working in dialysis?? Should I pay for dialysis training? Where do you get dialysis training? I live in Miami, FL . . . Thanks
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  3. by   NickiLaughs
    I cannot speak for Florida, but around here in Cali they hire LVN's for dialysis clinics at Davita. I believe most of them require 3 yrs of med surg experience. They will train you. Perhaps you should contact some dialysis companies in your area? They would be able to let you know what they require. And you might be pleasantly surprised.

    Good luck!
  4. by   nurseangel47
    My experience as an ADN (RN) in dialysis nursing was back in the early nineties. They hired me as a newbie to dialysis nursing but I did have general med/surg and a hospital RN background of employment.
    I was then inhoues trained during employment there to be a hemodialysis nurse for the company. I worked there for approx. a year and a half altogether.
    A company wanting nurses to work in dialysis WILL train you, on the job.
    You should just keep up the job search and sell yourself in the process of introduction via emailed/snail mailed, etc cover letters with applications/resumes...and then sell yourself in person to the interviewer.
    They'll give you a chance and train you themselves when they see that you're willing to work hard at it and are earnest.
    Don't know about the wish for hiring LPNs though. They usually hire either PCT (patient care technicians or cnas) and then, RNs. But some might hire you as an experienced LPN. Try it. There is nowhere to gain dialysis experience as far as a college, technical school, or other learning institution.
    It comes with the job as a dialysis employee. Good luck in your search.
  5. by   luv4nursing
    I know for a fact that Davita in FL will hire u and train you. As a matter of fact someone on this board posted from there saying so...they were recruiting. Get in touch with them, they sound like a nice place to work. good luck!
  6. by   sugah-dumplin
    How do you find that thread with the post where Davita was hiring?? I've been trying to get with them, but has yet to succeed. . . .
  7. by   Nurseali
    Divita will hire LPN's . I started there 20 years ago. I now work in an acute hemodialysis unit in the hospital. I have 16 years in that unit. I would stick to out patient dialysis because in the hospital it is one of the worst jobs you could possibility choose to do.(if you have a family) In a hospital setting you never know what time your shift will end. It could be 5 hrs and the longest shift I pulled was 22 hours straight!!! No one would come in to relieve me. I am the only LPN that has ever been allowed to work in this unit because of my 31/2 years of outpatient experience. I have all the responsibility of the RN except hanging blood and IV push cardiac meds (still have to have ACLS) I take call and my pay is 10.00 less/hr. They still try to make me do things that are out of my scope of practice but I will NOT jeopardize my nursing license. I would be sure you know what falls within you scope of practice. I do know that the outpatient centers are different. If you work there as a LPN you will be responsible for giving all the medications that the dialysis technicians can't and you are also responsible for supervising them. I am now after 20 years going back to school due to the fact that you are very limited in a hospital setting as to where they will allow you to work as a LPN.I need a change and that is the only way to get it in my small town.
  8. by   vnightingale06
    I don't know if there is Fresenius Medical Care in Florida. Here in Texas, the co. provides training for the inexperienced but will have you sign a contract for 2 years before you leave the co. or pay the cost of training.