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Hi...I have 4 weeks before graduation! Will take my NCLEX_PN shortly after that! I am soooo happy. Does anyone here or is anyone taking the LPN to RN through REGENTS (Excelsior College)? I... Read More

  1. by   nursenoelle
    In Arkansas, the state board will not let you sit for boards unless that schol is NLN accredited. As per thier advice call your board before spending the money.. Going through rue the regents which is NLN.....
  2. by   arlyne
    The Rue/Excelsior program is fully accredited ny the NLN. I got my RN thru Rue and I thought they were great. Their workbooks are right on target and I felt their support staff was very helpful. We had 14 girls at my facility use Rue to get their RNs and we all loved it. 14 girls with no complaints....that is saying something!!I read some people who have problems with home study and it is hard ...you have to stay focused and have discipline. It is easier if you do it with someone else, have a study buddy. We loved Rue and I reccomend them to one and all! rueed.com check them out!
  3. by   sanakruz
    Hey!- I see this is a little old, but I've got to jump in. I have been working with regents/ excelsior since 1998. I've tested out of 6 classes in that time. I need to take anatomy, psych and clinicals exam. It is very difficult to stay motivated and disciplined. I signed up for Rue with a friend and we swore our on dying oath we would do this. She flaked before the first exam and had to pay Rue anyway- It was about 3k- Then you must pay for each exam pay prometric, pay pay pay- you must reenroll every year that you do not graduate. I have been an lvn since 1983. I make decent money, cant complain.I love my current job and could be the director of this clinic if only i had my RN. My fear is the clinical test. I have a video from Rue but have never previewed it because I'm too scared. And I hate peds! I'm interested in hearing more about bridge programs from anybody. My friend (the flake) originally agreed that if we could pay a hacker to generate a license, what would it be worth? We figured about the price of Rue/regents.But there are hidden costs and now I'm downright discouraged. Any feedback would be most welcome
  4. by   NURS4GOD
    I have to get in on this discussion. I am just begining my passage from LVN to RN via the wonderful world of Excelsior College. I did 2 to3 months of internet research before spending a penny. I had already gone to a Rue informational meeting and was excited by the idea, but not sure how to pay for it all. The first misconception is that you have to go through one of the publishers to do this...you don't. Excelsior gives you free study guides (downloadable or in print format), and you can go to Ebay to find the other publisher's guides for much cheaper that original price. Most of these cost $350 + new per course from the publishers (RUE, Moore, College Network, etc...), but can be found for $100.00 everyday on Ebay.
    The second misconception is that you must enroll with Excelsior before taking any of their exams. It is true that eventually you do have to enroll and pay their fees, but in the begining you only have to register with them for free. https://www1.excelsior.edu/itweb/itres01.html
    This gives you permission to pay them your money to take the tests at Prometrix. I looked high and low to find this bit of information...the publishers don't want you to know about it. Don't pay all that money unless you have to!! We don't make that much to begin with, right??? I have several of my core classes out of the way already, and the beauty of this program is that they will accept my 8 year old science credits...try that in a traditional program! Good luck to all and God Bless!!!!!!
  5. by   michelle95
    Ya know, I never thought about Ebay...

    I am going to be starting Excelsior in January. I'm moving to a place that doesn't offer a mobility program, so, it's the only choice for me. However, I have estimated that I should be finished way before I would be if I were to try to enroll for the next LPN-RN program, locally.

    Thanks for the tip...am going to check out ebay.
  6. by   EMTMom
    I've been a clinical CMA for 6 years and an EMT with some IV experience. I was accepted by Regents last year, since I have an Associate of Science degree in medical assisting, which is the only reason they let me in, otherwise CMA's are not generally let in. I haven't commited myself to it yet because I'm not sure I'll have enough skills to carry me through. I think my EMT training will give me alot of basic assessment skills, and i know alot about meds/doseages/injections from CMA exp. Anyone have advice on how to beef up spme clinical skills that are required to pass Regents? Any thoughts?


  7. by   arlyne
    We had 14 girls go thru Rue to get their RNs. Rue did tell us ahead of time that we didn't need to use them, the person we spoke to made it clear to us that we could go straight thru Excelsior. I remember almost exactly what the Rue person said because it made sense to me. She said " Rue was like the triple AAA. If you were going to travel in a car across the country you can : buy a map for every state, figure out where the clean restrooms are, figure out where to get gas, figure out where and how much motels are, where the high traffic is, and at what time, etc. OR you can call AAA ! With one phone call they will lay everything out for you, the easiest most direct, and quickest route from point A to point B, all the information you need, plus they include all the maps you will need ! I thought that was a great analogy. That is what Rue did for all of us. They helped us get from LPN to RN in the quickest, most direct way, they did all the tedious research, that wastes time, and they included all the books. Anyway I hope this helps some of you. We really liked Rue and I hate to have people misunderstand how it works when this could be a great option for some of you. Go to RueEd.com or call and ask them Good Luck
  8. by   Spazzy Nurse
    When I signed up with RUE, they made it sound like EC would be making me buy every recommended book for every course..... little did I know that I could whip through those nursing exams with a couple of books total, and that I could find those books online for CHEAP (E-bay, half.com, EC bookstore book trade, etc.). I ended up paying WAY more with RUE that I would've had to pay. I wish I knew then what I do now.
  9. by   Marco213
    On the information that I've read so far, to me I want to get started in obtaining an RN license by LVN. And I have thought about what's the difference between other sources like RN fast tracking program, the college network, compared to Rue? IE money for the program, time to complete course, materials provided-videos, audios(yuck), workshops perhaps. Good luck granny, and everyone. I think that RUE sounds good, but I was wondering how it compares to RN fast tracking program, and the College network with what I've mentioned above and more.
  10. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I *think* The College Network somehow merged or was bought out by Chancellor's.
    I said I THINK. I'm not positive.
  11. by   NurseDianne
    Originally posted by andrewsgranny
    I am thinkng about going back to school. I have been an LPN for 11 yrs. I love it. But I feel like I need more. My fear is can I really do this? I cant quit my job. Its perfect 8-4 no weekends no holiday's. And I live check to check. I only have one child at home now. Do you all think I should give this a try and go after my ADN or BSN? All advise greatly appreciated.:roll
    Hey! I have been an LPN for years also.......and have started back to school, in my 3rd semester. Will Bridge next semester........have 16 more months to go........all in all it hasn't been bad..........I will have all of my core done before I start LPN-RN bridge program in June.

    I also have to work full-time so, it's been rough. The bridge program here is only 1 day a week, Wednesdays from 8 am - 11 pm.........and that includes clinical time. You do have to go to some independent observation time for OR/Special Procedures and such.

    Good luck.
  12. by   Seeker2010
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    Quote from ryaninmtv
    i graduated from excelsior this spring and got my rn license last month (i still have my lpn license). for my money, it's the only way to go. you have to be very motivated and push yourself to finish the classes but if you don't have the time to go through a traditional program it's the way to go.

    as a side note, i didn't think the clinical was as brutal as advertised. just give yourself three months to prepare (seriously) and you'll do fine. i passed it the first time around.,

    good luck.
    hi, i'm so glad to hear a good report. i'm looking into these programs, did you go thru excelsior directly or did you use rue? there is so much info out there, i'm trying to research everything before i pay anything any advice you offer is greatly appreciated.
  13. by   ljds
    This is an old thread, so perhaps it would be better if you started a new one.

    Also, in my state, nursing degrees from Excelsior are no longer recongnized.

    Hope you get the answers you seek!