LPN Salary?

  1. I am thinking of going to school for LPN and when the kids get older do the bridge for RN. Want to know what the average pay is for an LPN in MA? The program is not cheap so I want to be sure I can pay that student loan!!
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  3. by   VM85
    Im still in school but from what my instructors say it can range, depending on what you do, from $19- $25 being a new LPN with 0 years experience.One said that a former student was making $31 an hour, but that must be with differentials, and if not, I wonder what area their in, and maybe ill consider!

    I found going the LPN route was the best way to go with a little one at home. It is a 10 month program, which i thought it would be hard, but manageable. Just to warn you(not to scare you off!!!)it was so much harder than i could ever imagine. I never see my son during the week, he "lives" at nana's. It takes ALOT of studying, like a few hours a day atleast- But it was the best decision I have ever made!Ten months is gonna come and go whether you do it or not- I am almost done(hopefully, you can never be to sure!) and cant wait to finish and have a life again. If you have family or alot of support, Id say go for it! And like you, I am also planning on going for my RN, slowly but surely! I figured this route was the best way for me to get my foot in the door, gain some experience, have a job(cuz i cant be unemployed forever, the bill collectors wont let me haha) and a way to work toward my goal of becoming an RN....good luck! You can do it!!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    To ann22: We really, really need to know your geographic location in order to provide an accurate answer to your question. The truth is that LPN pay rates vary drastically from region to region.

    LPNs earn as little as $11 hourly in places such as rural Oklahoma that have a low cost of living. LPNs can earn over $30 hourly in places such as San Francisco, that have a high cost of living. Therefore, we need to know where you are.

    The average seems to fall between $15 and $25 hourly for LPNs.
  5. by   ann22
    I live in Massachusetts.