Just got pinned today!!!

  1. [FONT=Arial Narrow]Ok so I was pinned today, hence the title! Gosh what a relief! I am about to have lots of free time, can hardly wait to start working. I just need to NCLEX! Any advice as far as that goes? My school had a 2 day NCLEX review, which was very helpful. I have a book and some flash cards. How did all of ya'll prepare?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    [font="georgia"]congratulations on the pinning!

    :d :smiley_aa
  4. by   NC Girl BSN
    What a special day! I remember mine like it was yesterday. Study NCLEx Made Incredibly Easy and Google Peterson online test and take the PN NCLEX practice test for $24.95. This helped tremendously. Good Luck!
  5. by   lil' girl
    woo hoo good for you!! way to go!!
  6. by   akai6
    Thank you thank you! I registered with the BNE today and have to wait till I get paided to register with pearson. But I am now ecstatic!
  7. by   LesMonsterRN
    CONGRATULATIONS! If I remember correctly I didn't study much for my NCLEX-PN and I passed on the first try. I don't recommend my particular method, however. I've heard a lot of good things about the Saunders Review materials which is what I'll use when I study for the NCLEX out of RN school.
  8. by   akai6
    Where are you getting your RN from? Perhaps tcn or ec?
  9. by   LesMonsterRN
    I'll be attending a campus-based program at a local university.
  10. by   Miss Cola
    Congrats!!! I was just pinned back in November! It is a great feeling and the free time is WONDERFUL! I'm so glad to have a little break to get myself back into the real world. :spin: I'm studying little-by-little, about 1-2 hours a day with my review materials. I recommend NCLEX-PN Review Made Incredibly Easy (Lippincott). I took the review class my school offered as well and I found it to be extremely helpful. You realize through all of the studying that you know most things, its just learning the kind of questions they are going to throw at you. Test taking tips are REALLY worth it's weight in gold! Well good luck to you and all you do!
  11. by   kayleighac
    The process I used seemed to work since I just passed on my first try.

    Here's what you need to do first
    Buy these books:

    1. NCLEX-PN Questions & Answers Made Incredibly Easy
    2. Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-PN
    3. Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN
    4. Straight A's in Nursing Pharmacology

    Getting the latest edition of these is probably best

    Our process that worked with about 97% of our school was to basically do 200 questions a day. You start with your best subjects in Incredibly Easy since it's the easiest. Then move onto the next easiest book which would be Lippincotts on the same subject and lastly, do the questions in Saunders, also on the same subject. After all that, you should be an expert on that subject! Grade yourself on every test you take...read all your rationales...just to warn you, when you start out, you will be getting around the 50 or 60 percents. Don't give up...the more you do it, the better your scores will get. After you finish all the subject specific tests, move on to the comprehensive tests. And once you are scoring in the 80's...you should be ready! I followed this process exactly and I passed at 85 on the NCLEX-PN, which is really good. Do this for about 6 weeks or until youve done about 6000 questions. So, say you do 200 a day for 5 days a week....give yourself two days for rest...then you have done 1000 questions a week.

    When you finish one subject, start on the next one and do the same thing.

    With each subject you do, try studying the pharma on that subject also. It helps to incorporate it in. Read the pink part of the Straight A's in Pharma, and take the test at the end. If you get below a 70%, then read the whole white part.

    DO NOT skip pharma. That's probably THE most important thing on the test. I got over a dozen med questions on it. Thank god I studied it.

    One more good book for pharma if you have time is Pharmacology Made Easy for NCLEX-PN. It's self explanatory. Read it and do the questions pretty much.

    That's really all you need, is just to do question after question and know the rationales for them. It's going to be a lot of work, nursing is not easy...but I wish you luck and I hope my advice comes in handy!
  12. by   peridotgirl
    Congraulations on getting pinned!!! :spin::spin::spin::spin::spin: