Just got offer for overnight on tele: Brand new LPN!

  1. Hello all. I just got a phone call with a possible offer on telemetry working overnights (7pm-7am) This will be my first job working as a nurse EVER... let alone overnights! (Just got licensed in September) I am currently an EKG tech, and have been for 3 years, so I'm confident in reading arrhythmias.

    I happened to pop in to the nurse manager's office a few weeks ago, and gave her my resume. She simply said "We don't hire LPN's. Have a nice day." I told her "I know, I just figured I would leave a copy of my resume, as I'm planning on bridging to RN soon. I would like to work on this floor when I bridge." I thanked her, and left.

    She just frickin' called me and told me she's trying to get me on the floor. She's talking to the CNO tomorrow and will call me.


    Anyways, here's a few questions for you experienced nurses:
    1) How did you adjust to working 7p-7a?
    2) What should I brush up on before I start? (I'm brushing up on labs and code situations)
    3) When will I not be scared crap-less?
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  3. by   Cuddleswithpuddles
    Kudos to you for looking in the long term!

    The only thing I can give you concrete advice on is adjusting to the night shift. I worked the night shift for a few months. The key thing for me is to make my sleeping space mimic night time. My bedroom itself was not sound proofed well so I actually slept on the floor on my bathroom or walk-in closet! It was what worked for me to get that quiet, dark atmosphere.

    I also made it clear to as many people as possible that I was working the night shift. People were pretty respectful of my sleep time and understood when I did not answer their calls during the day or passed up on invitations that would have broached into my rest immediately prior to a night shift too much.

    I will be making the change to night shift within the next few months as well. I plan on buying sound-canceling headphones and blackout curtains.

    When I stop getting scared crapless, I will let you know lol
  4. by   autbot4500
    Thanks I need to buy some room darkening blinds and stuff. At least I know I'm not the only one scared crapless. haha.

    She called me back today and said the position is def open, and she wanted to 'chat' about it. I'm going in on Wednesday! Yay!
  5. by   catlvr
    That's a fantastic opportunity! I hope that you get it, if it is what you want.

  6. by   autbot4500
    Quote from catlvr
    That's a fantastic opportunity! I hope that you get it, if it is what you want.

  7. by   iheartPN11
    wow.. what state are you in? I sound just like you cuz I have been a EKG tech for 3 years as well lol.. just found out today that I am licensed.. I would love to stay with organization I work for but they don't hire alot of LPNs
  8. by   autbot4500
    Update: I was officially offered the position, and I start in two weeks. My DON is sending me to cath lab and CPRU for 3 shifts for clinical experience, then I get eighteen shifts of training I can't believe it! iheartPN11, our place doesn't hire LPN's either. I have known this DON since I working as a housekeeper and changing her paper towels. She told me to go to school then, and she'd hire me. She kept good on her word! I'm in Florida, by the way. Other nurses on the floor literally can't believe it, as we haven't hired an LPN in a couple of years. I am returning to bridge to my RN in August (hopefully).
  9. by   123_ashley
    Hello and happy New Year to y'all: I have a questions : a friend of mine has a Bachelor in Business, if she become an LVN, does her bachelor degree count in for something? Thanks.
  10. by   iheartPN11
    That is awesome... I hope it goes well for yOU!
  11. by   HazelLPN
    What a wonderful way to start the new year! Human connections are so very important in the job world. Every job I ever had was via a real life human connection and you have just learned this lesson first hand. Make sure you continue on to get that RN though....as it will give you the most options in your career.

    Best to you,

    Mrs H.
  12. by   irish6363
    Great!! very good opportunity..in this market hang on to that job because it is not just work but a very excellent position to use as experience for the future.
  13. by   agldragonRN
    Quote from 123_ashley
    hello and happy new year to y'all: i have a questions : a friend of mine has a bachelor in business, if she become an lvn, does her bachelor degree count in for something? thanks.
    hi ashley,

    it depends on the school. the lvn school might take some of her general education classes like english and math. so she would be taking less classes. in my lpn school, we had to "challenge" their final exam for that particular general education class. if you pass, then we get the credit and do not have to take the class. if you fail, you have to take the class even if you have taken that class already in college.

    the best for your friend to do is call the lvn school and ask them. hope that helps and happy new year as well.
  14. by   agldragonRN
    congrats op!! get that acute experience and you won't have problems looking for rn job when you finish!