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  1. New member here! :spin: Just wanted to introduce myself...My name is Kelly, and for as long as I can remember, I've always been interested in nursing as a career. I'm currently in college as an accounting/business major and I hate it... I knew that I've always wanted to be a nurse but I'll admit I was a little intimidated because of the stories of how hard nursing school is; but I've decided, that this my dream, and I'll do anything to achieve it. I'll hopefully be getting certified as a nursing assistant this summer through the Red Cross, and then I plan on applying to LPN schools for fall '08. I was just wondering though, I know that RN programs are hard to get into, but are LPN programs just as hard? I will be applying to about 5 different programs, but the only requirements they have is that you have 3 recommendation letters, have a highschool diploma, take a pre-entrance exam, and schedule an interview...there are no pre-reqs required prior to applying. Has anyone ever been rejected from an LPN school after they applied? I'm a little nervous. :uhoh21:

    Anyways, now that I've written a novel, I look forward to getting to know everyone!
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    We're glad to have you here!

    I attended a private, high-priced vocational LVN program a couple of years ago. Applicants were rejected only if they could not display competency in basic reading, writing, and math skills. Since the average American reads and writes below the 8th grade level (and has the math skills of a 5th grader), many people are rejected. However, I have faith that you will realize your dreams. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the info! I've always scored really high on reading/writing tests, so I hope I'll do fine... Just a little nervous about the math part, though. However, I'm taking Statistics right now & I LOVE it....it's just Algebra that scares me lol.
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    The RN schools here in Connecticut are rough to get into. They have really long waiting lists and/or crazy amounts of pre-reqs etc. The LPN school I will be attending in 8 days (i'm bouncing like a kid so excited) is a private and pricey tech school. You have to pass the admit test which is reading comprehension and basic math skills...adding/subtracting, multiply, divide, BASIC algebra, reading graphs, one or two geometry questions (was a looonng time since i've done geometry i gave an educated guess heehee)..pretty much i..very basic. Actually since our test was testing at the 10/11th grade level..if you got your HS diploma or GED (and they require one if you are going to apply) you should be able to pass this test..maybe with a little refresher..since when was the last time you had to figure out what 73/197's converts into a fraction without a calculator? LOL. All the same, there were those who failed one or both sections..but might have passed if they just brushed up a bit before testing.
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    Hello CT_Pixie....I'm kind of right near you, I'm in NH....the RN schools here are also really hard to get into. That's why I've decided to apply to LPN school. I really hope I pass the entrance exam, even though I probably won't have to take it until sometime next year.
    Congrats on your acceptance!