I Need Expert Lvn Advice!!!!!!!!!

  1. hello everyone!
    i have an important question regarding lvn school. i should be starting a hospital based nursing school in mid march (if all goes well). only problem is, it's going to set me back about $32,000 !!!!! so i've been doing some research and found out that a local adult school is offering lvn for about $8,000!!! will earning a degree through adult school lower my chances to get a position in a hospital? is adult school as authentic as cc or tech schools? i need any and all info please!!!!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    From all of my experience (and I won't take the time to tell you here) go for the one with the less cost if you can get in sooner, otherwise, if you have time to waste, then research all the avail programs and pick that which is more "convenient" (use your parameters for this). You know in the long run, a license is a license why waste money? Most of us don't have money or time to waste. That would be the basis of my decision. Only you know how much money you have avail to pay for the process and how fast you need to enter the workforce with a license. Good luck.
  4. by   dcoffee
    I think you should try to find out which school has a better reputation for producing well trained nurses. Out her in California, you can go to the Board of Vocational Nurses website and look up every school offering an LVN program and what their student pass rate is...that's a start. When I was looking into schools, I got to the point I would have paid anything. I ended up at an adult ed school which had a very good program, and I later found that a lot of employers knew students coming out of this program were very well trained. I paid under 5 grand for the whole program.
    Good luck! Dana
  5. by   caliotter3
    Again, $8000 vs $32000 for only an LPN license? Almost a no-brainer, unless you have the disposable money source and do not care to wait on any waiting lists. You know (this is a personal opinion) the only kind of a waiting list worth waiting for at all is an RN waiting list (guaranteed admission waiting list). Otherwise, I am assuming that you are considering the LPN license as an adjunct to applying to an RN program. Good luck!
  6. by   caliotter3
    After my previous post actually posted I read that of dcoffee and realized that locally I was informed about a prog w/an excellent rep. Most of us, are money-driven. Like I said, unless you have disposable income, consider the cost of the program. Private programs are very expensive, but they mostly sell convenience, not necessarily excellence of reputation. Again, good luck with your decision!
  7. by   lookingforward
    Helo Caliotter3,
    thanks for info! I definately do not have DISPOSABLE $ but the reason I thought this program was necessary is because it is through a hospital and I figured I would get a better chance of being hired @ the hopital. I've heard stories of people getting LVN through adult school and having very limited options. (for example LTC) not that there's anything wrong but I was aiming for hospital setting in terms of nursery. I've got only 3 more courses to apply for associates degree, but wait lists are LONG and I do not have that much time! Well thanks for listening!
  8. by   caliotter3
    Hey lookingforward! Just lost a posting. This site is getting impossible! Read your 1225 am posting and am responding accordingly. You have to run w/the most current, accurate info you have at hand. Most people just plain can not compare 8 grand vs 32 grand for an inferior product without a valid reason. A local adult prog where I presently live, is very affordable and very "up there in rep". The private prog (ie 32 grand are selling convenience not necessarily excellence). Unfortunately we, the consumers are not clones of P. Hilton), we go into healthcare secondarily to put food on our table. Only you know how much time and money you have to play the game with. If you are a single mom w/kiddies to provide food and a roof for, your sit is definitely different than our friend Paris. The WAIT LISTS for RN prog are artifiicial. This is not the time to discuss this at length. My advice to everyone is this: get the cert or license the cheapest and quickest way you can so you can enter the workforce and feed your own face and the faces of your kids. Helping other females accomplish this task is the gender mission of all of us. Reality dictates. F. Nightingale came from a wealthy family, most of us do this for a living as well as a calling. Well enough for soapbox. Any way I can see to help by advising I will do so. Feel free to PM me if you need any help off the public bb. Good luck.
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  9. by   TheCommuter
    In California, hospital employers absolutely do not care where you attended LVN school. Their only concern is that you are a warm body with an LVN license who is ready to work for them. No one will ever ask you where you attended school because no one is really concerned with that.

    If there's an option to obtain your LVN schooling at a tuition of less than the $32,000 you're expecting to pay, then go for that. Do not pay $32,000 for an LVN program. Good luck!
  10. by   postmortem_cowboy
    I'm going to have to agree with the rest of the gang on this one, if both programs last as long as one another and the difference is 24 thousand dollars, and both have similar pass rates on boards, then the only difference is price. That's like comparing a honda accord at one dealership asking 8 thousand dollars, and the exact same vehicle at another dealership that's asking 32 thousand dollars, personally, I went with a vocational program, and paid 18 grand for mine (yeah ouch is right) and i'm still paying for it.

    Another suggestion, at my school, they didn't bother to tell us if you paid cash up front for the whole years worth of schooling they discounted the tuition by about half. We all found out about the discount about 3 weeks from graduation. So if you have that option of taking a 2nd out on the house that 32 grand might become 16, or that 8 grand might become 4-5, ask, if you can fenegle it, and they'll discount the tuition, it's worth it in the long run.