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First of all, today I got my first nursing paycheck..I was very excited about that :lol2: ....second of all...I really don't like the job that I just started. I applied for this job in LTC and... Read More

  1. by   dezzie
    I am a new nurse, been a nurse for close to 5 months... I started out working night shift 2x/week at LTC, other 2-3 days I work evenings. It was great at first because when I worked the night shift, I was still able to do errands and stuff during the day. But now, I find myself dreading to go to work when I work night shift. It gets dragging after a while.

    So yeah, I know how you feel. My supervisor offered me to work days and evenings starting next month. NO MORE NIGHT SHIFT ANYMORE. Besides night shift nurses dont get to interact with doctors as much as day/evening shift. Night shift does not have a lot of action so your nursing skills do not improve beyond that point. Unless you have a lot of experience in other areas already, night shift is hard.

    Plus, I miss my sleep. LOL.
  2. by   niteshiftlvn07
    I like working the night shift in LTC and Hospice. Less stress from patients families and I have time to chart(most of the time). I'm also able to check on all the patients at night unless someone has to go to the hospital or if there's any incidents or if all hell breaks loose.Some of the patients are night owls so they like to sit up front and talk with the staff.It's interesting to hear from them about their life experiences. Night shift can be busy especially if you're the only nurse on the unit(scary and sometimes nerve wrecking, but I've learned to manage) !!! I've noticed that alot of the paperwork(esp. monthly's) are left for me to do (but somebody's got to do it!!!) I find myself having to manage challenging situations(total 50 pt.'s w/2 hospice pt.s on the unit and 1 of them on the verge of dying, contacting dr.'s, relatives, DON's when incidents occur,supervising aides, overnight g-tube feedings, overnight med pass,AM accuchecks etc...) At night there's always calm before the storm!!! I pray that things go smoothly, but I know that unexpected things will happen. I worked 2p-10p and and also 7a-7p shifts. I'LL STICK WITH NIGHTS!!!:spin:
  3. by   Loren2307
    Thanks for all your advice. After working a couple of more nightshifts I decided that if I was offered the other job I would take it. They called me in today for a 2nd interveiw and offered me the job and I took it!! I am so excited. I really enjoy workign with individuals with MR/DD and that is what I will be doing. I worked as an aide in a ICF for MR/DD individuals and that is when I decided to become a nurse. I didn't feel excited about the LTC job, I just felt like I was starting a job. I feel excited about this one....plus weekends and holidays off!! Thanks Again, I will keep you posted!!